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Archive of December 15, 2016

Saint John Paul II documentary takes two Emmys

Dec 15, 2016 - 07:08 pm .- Two Emmy Awards have gone to a documentary that shows St. John Paul II’s central role in the end of communism.

Threats to tax exemption could ruin Chicago pastor's ministry

Dec 15, 2016 - 04:08 pm .- As secularists look to abolish a religious tax exemption, a pastor whose life is dedicated to serving those in need fights for what he calls a critical – and constitutional – support for his ministry.

Vatican official: Religion in public has never been more at risk

Dec 15, 2016 - 03:32 pm .- While violent persecution against Christians assails swaths of territory the Middle East and Africa, one Vatican official says that Western nations face a different type of oppression, marked by the push to eliminate religion from public life.

Did 'Catholic Spring' groups undermine the Catholic bishops?

Dec 15, 2016 - 03:20 pm .- Groups reputedly founded for a “Catholic Spring” revolt within the Church have a history of criticizing Catholic bishops on LGBT issues and other topics, while taking money from wealthy, strategically minded LGBT activists who have helped reshape American religion, politics and the definition of marriage.

The dignity of work – one company's quest for the mentally ill

Dec 15, 2016 - 02:02 pm .- When Bayaud Enterprises was started in 1969 in Denver, Colorado, they had one thing on their mind: employment.

Mary models for the sick 'surrender to God's will'

Dec 15, 2016 - 10:04 am .- Pope Francis on Thursday announced the theme for the 25th World Day of the Sick, “Amazement at what God has accomplished,” explaining that in difficult circumstances we should look to Mary as an example of how to embrace God’s will for our lives.

Italian priest cancels Nativity display to avoid offending people

Dec 15, 2016 - 06:02 am .- An Italian priest is under fire from locals for deciding against setting up the typical Nativity scene in his town’s cemetery this year, Italian news source Corriere della Sera reported on Friday.  

Pope to ambassadors: make 'courageous' choice for nonviolence

Dec 15, 2016 - 05:17 am .- On Thursday Pope Francis accepted the credentials of six new ambassadors to the Holy See, urging them to work toward promoting the common good in their respective countries by adopting tactics of nonviolence at a political level.

Who was that priest praying the rosary at the Army-Navy game?

Dec 15, 2016 - 03:05 am .- You might have seen an Army chaplain devoutly praying the rosary on the sideline during Saturday's Army-Navy football game. Who was he and what was he praying for? 

Massachusetts churches claim victory in religious freedom lawsuit

Dec 15, 2016 - 12:01 am .- Four Massachusetts churches pulled their lawsuit against the state Monday after they received religious exemptions from the state's transgender law.