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Raphael, “St. Michael Vanquishing Satan,” 1518?w=200&h=150

By Solène Tadié

‘Hands off my statue’: How this French group hopes to save St. Michael the Archangel

The recent decision of a French Court of Appeal to confirm the removal of a statue of St. Michael the... Read more


By Hannah Brockhaus

Pope Francis to join interfaith prayer for peace at Colosseum in Rome

The Vatican confirmed Tuesday that Pope Francis will join other religious leaders at a prayer service for peace at Rome’s... Read more

Cardinal Francis Spellman (center) announces the appointment of Fulton Sheen (third from right) as bishop of Rochester, New York, in 1966. Monsignor Hilary Franco is pictured on the far right.?w=200&h=150

By Hannah Brockhaus

Eyewitness to history: Bishop Fulton J. Sheen’s assistant remembers Vatican II ‘revolution’

Monsignor Hilary Franco was just a young priest when he called the office of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen to ask... Read more


By Kevin J. Jones

YouTube adds abortion info to Catholic, pro-life videos

The move means many YouTube videos about Pope Francis, Catholic teaching on abortion, and alternatives to abortion now include links... Read more


By Jonah McKeown

Marijuana legalization is on the ballot in five states. What should Catholics think?

Catholic bishops in several of those states have urged voters to reject ballot measures that would legalize marijuana. Read more

Vatican II in session, circa 1962-1965?w=200&h=150

By AC Wimmer

Vatican II at 60: A timeline of key moments

Oct. 11 marks the 60th anniversary of a monumental event in the history of the Catholic Church: the gathering in... Read more

Pope Francis presides at a memorial Mass of St. John XXIII, which also marks the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, at St. Peter's Basilica on Oct. 11, 2022.?w=200&h=150

By Hannah Brockhaus

Pope Francis on Vatican II anniversary: ‘May the Church be overcome with joy’

The pope's Mass Tuesday marked the 60th anniversary of the day the Second Vatican Council was opened by St. John... Read more

Pope John XXIII’s coronation?w=200&h=150

By Jonah McKeown

What was Vatican II all about? 10 quotes from St. John XXIII’s opening speech

The pope convened Vatican II with the aim of responding to the challenges of the day and finding new ways... Read more

Tulsi Gabbard speaks in Des Moines, Iowa, August 2019.?w=200&h=150

By Edie Heipel

Tulsi Gabbard leaves Democratic Party, cites ‘wokeness’ and hostility to ‘people of faith’

The former congresswoman and presidential candidate said she could no longer abide the party’s infringement on the freedom of speech... Read more

Some of the statues that were destroyed in São Mateus church in the town of São Mateus do Sul located in Paraná state in southern Brazil, Oct. 10, 2022.?w=200&h=150

By CNA Staff

Catholic church in Brazil desecrated and 28 statues of saints destroyed

The attack took place Oct. 10 around noon in São Mateus church in the town of São Mateus do Sul... Read more

Holy Name Cathedral in Steubenville, Ohio.?w=200&h=150

By Carl Bunderson

Steubenville diocese faces prospect of union with Columbus with ‘fortitude’

Bishop Jeffrey Monforton of Steubenville, Ohio, announced in a message to the diocese on Tuesday that a merger of the... Read more