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Depiction of the Holy Spirit in St. Peter’s Basilica.?w=200&h=150

By CNA Staff

Everything you need to know about Pentecost

This weekend, the Church celebrates Pentecost, one of the most important feast days of the year that concludes the Easter... Read more


By Kevin J. Jones

Pregnant women and their babies can find help among Rhode Island's Catholics

Expectant mothers, babies, and their families can find comfort and encouragement alongside material help like cribs, diapers, and baby formula... Read more

Joseph-Nicolas Robert-Fleury's Galileo before the Holy Office (1847)?w=200&h=150

By Leonardo Colon

Vatican Observatory astronomer awarded for Galileo article

Chris Graney, an astronomer and historian of science at the Vatican Observatory, was recently given the 2021 Nelson H. Minnich... Read more