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Kristi Judkins is executive director of Iowa Right to Life.?w=200&h=150

By Kate Quiñones

Pro-life Iowans weigh their presidential options

The director of Iowa Right to Life is urging candidates and voters alike to consider information on fetal development in... Read more

Pope Francis delivers a speech to all of the world’s ambassadors to the Vatican on Monday, Jan. 8, 2024.?w=200&h=150

By Courtney Mares

Pope Francis calls surrogacy ‘deplorable,’ calls for global ban in speech to ambassadors

Pope Francis called surrogacy “deplorable” and called for a global ban on the exploitative practice of “so-called surrogate motherhood.” Read more


By Jonathan Liedl

Rediscovered book by Cardinal Fernández features graphic erotic passages on ‘spirituality and sensuality’

The 1998 book’s provocative, sexually-charged themes are likely to add further scrutiny to the already embattled prefect of the Vatican’s... Read more

Pope Francis greets Archbishop Charles Scicluna.?w=200&h=150

By Courtney Mares

Vatican official says Church should allow married priests

Archbishop Charles Scicluna said that the Church should learn from the Eastern Churches, which allow married men the option to... Read more

The theme of the first "Life Fest," sponsored by the Sisters of Life and the Knights of Columbus, was "Because love is the answer."?w=200&h=150

By Joe Bukuras

Attending March for Life? Check out ‘Life Fest,’ a morning of worship and music for life

At the 51st annual March for Life on Jan. 19, attendees will be offered a range of activities including participation... Read more


By Daniel Payne

Alabama priest laicized after civil marriage to 18-year-old 

Alex Crow was originally suspended from ministry in July after he abandoned his assignment in the archdiocese and left the... Read more

Farmers use their tractors and hold a rally blocking access to the Riebeckplatz on the first day of a week of protests on Jan. 8, 2024, in central Halle (Saale), Saxony-Anhalt, Germany.?w=200&h=150

By AC Wimmer

Amid farmers’ protests and disruptions, German bishop calls for dialogue 

Bishop Georg Bätzing appealed for peaceful resolutions on Monday: “Let us approach each other and find solutions together that serve... Read more

Bishop Robert Barron speaks to EWTN's Colm Flynn about evangelizing the culture today in October 2023.?w=200&h=150

By Jonah McKeown

Bishop Barron: Assisted suicide can never be morally sanctioned

Winona-Rochester Bishop Robert Barron is urging Catholics to oppose an effort to make assisted suicide legal in Minnesota. Read more

Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem.?w=200&h=150

By Eduardo Berdejo

Cardinal Filoni warns that Christians in the Holy Land are feeling the dearth of pilgrims

The grand master of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulcher, Cardinal Fernando Filoni, concluded on Jan. 3 a five-day... Read more


By Peter Pinedo

Missouri priest found guilty of sexual solicitation during confession

Father Ignazio Medina is now barred from celebrating Mass, hearing confessions, and holding any office in the Church. Read more

Bishop Isidoro del Carmen Mora Ortega of Siuna, Nicaragua.?w=200&h=150

By Eduardo Berdejo

UN calls on Nicaragua to disclose where it is holding abducted Bishop Isidoro Mora

“We urge the government of Nicaragua to urgently report the whereabouts of Bishop Mora, a victim of forced disappearance for... Read more

Cardinal Robert Sarah speaks with students and faculty at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas on May 25, 2023.?w=200&h=150

By Kate Quiñones

Cardinal Sarah speaks out against clergy blessing same-sex unions

“The freedom we must offer to people living in homosexual unions lies in the truth of the word of God,”... Read more

Argentinian prelate Víctor Manuel Fernández.?w=200&h=150

By Tyler Arnold

Cardinal Fernández responds to uproar over sexually explicit book: ‘I certainly would not write [that] now’

Cardinal Víctor Manuel Fernández, one of the most powerful men in the Vatican, responded to criticism about a book he... Read more