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On the island of Montserrat, St. Patrick’s week is a kind of homecoming for the Montserratian diaspora. Visitors get a shamrock stamped in their passports, and many Irish Americans take advantage of the inexpensive airfares to spend the March holiday in the Caribbean.?w=200&h=150

By Peter Jesserer Smith

How Irish Catholic slaves brought the faith to the Caribbean

Indentured servants planted the seeds of Catholicism on the Caribbean island of Montserrat, which shapes its identity today. Read more

German martyrs who gave their lives in the service of the Gospel in Africa. Clockwise from top left to bottom right: Bishop Cassian (Franz Anton) Spiess, Father Karl Maria Weber, Brother Bernhard Ignatius Sarnes, Bishop Adolph Schmitt, Sister Magdala (Christa Elisabeth) Lewandowski, and Brother Heinz vom Kreuz (Heinz) Eberlein?w=200&h=150

By Agnes Aineah

German bishops to Church in Africa: Initiate canonization of German martyrs

A representative of the German Catholic Bishops’ Conference has challenged African Church leaders to initiate the canonization processes for German... Read more

Sviatoslav Shevchuk is major archbishop of Kyiv–Galicia and primate of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church.?w=200&h=150

By Peter Pinedo

Head of the Ukrainian Catholic Church talks war, the pope, and same-sex blessings 

In an exclusive interview with EWTN News, Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk spoke of the continued need for humanitarian aid in... Read more

In addition to the spiritual maladies of the times, Bishop Robert Barron says he also sees opportunities for both evangelization and renewal in the Church.?w=200&h=150

By Kate Quiñones,Ken Oliver-Méndez

Satisfying the ‘hungry heart’: an interview with Bishop Barron 

Bishop Robert Barron provides both diagnoses of and prescriptions for the most pervasive spiritual maladies of our times. Read more

Harrison Butker on the sideline of the AFC Championship in Baltimore on January 28, 2024.?w=200&h=150

By Jonah McKeown

Harrison Butker addresses family life, gun violence, Taylor Swift, and more in far-reaching interview

Speaking with Mark Irons of “EWTN News in Depth,” Butker said he wants to encourage men, especially fathers, to “be... Read more