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Sisters from the Salesian Sisters in Sudan serve the poor and needy in the midst of a brutal war in Sudan. The sisters commiunity, Dar Mariam, has been a refuge for hundreds, though has damaged by gunfire and bombs. May 2024.?w=200&h=150

By Jonah McKeown

Civil war in Sudan: What’s happening and why?

Amid the chaos and a complex set of competing political interests, children and the poor have been hit hardest. Read more

Harvard University.?w=200&h=150

By Joe Bukuras

Will Harvard return an alleged third-century relic of St. Sebastian to the Church?

The Ivy League university is currently in the process of returning Indigenous human remains in its possession to those with... Read more

A view of the Vatican Apostolic Library in 2021.?w=200&h=150

By Hannah Brockhaus

Vatican library to award NFTs to donors in ‘experimental project’

For the time being, the project, considered “experimental,” only applies to Italian donors to the Vatican Apostolic Library. Read more

Alfred Magero, Matthew Njogu, and Edward Chaleh Nkamanyi are three Catholic fathers from Africa who recently shared insights about being a present dad, protecting their families amid threats to the African family, and being a model of family values for their children with ACI Africa, CNA's news partner in Africa.?w=200&h=150

By Agnes Aineah

Catholic fathers talk fatherhood, family values, and threats to the African family

Four fathers from three African countries share their experiences of fatherhood and what they’ve learned about being good dads. Read more

“The Mass is to unite, the Mass is to make us brothers,” said Buenos Aires Archbishop Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva during Mass on Saturday, June 15, 2024.?w=200&h=150

By David Ramos

‘The Mass is something sacred’: Argentina archbishop responds to political chants at Mass

“The Eucharist is something sacred; that’s why the Mass is something sacred,” said Archbishop Jorge Ignacio García Cuerva of Buenos... Read more

Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks to pro-life supporters before signing a law restricting abortion in Florida.?w=200&h=150

By Tyler Arnold

New data shows more people traveling for abortions post-Dobbs

The data, which tracks month-to-month abortion numbers in the U.S., found that more than 171,000 Americans traveled out of state... Read more


By David Ramos

Schismatic Spanish nuns have last chance to avoid formal excommunication

Three of the Poor Clares had to appear before the ecclesiastical tribunal at the latest on Sunday, June 16. However,... Read more

Migrants mostly form Central America wait in line to cross the border at the Gateway International Bridge into the U.S. from Matamoros, Mexico, to Brownsville, Texas, on June 4, 2024.?w=200&h=150

By Peter Pinedo

Catholic migrant shelter calls ‘human smuggling’ accusations ‘utter nonsense’

Lawyer Jerome Wesevich claimed that Attorney General Ken Paxton’s actions violate the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Read more