Kevin M. Lowry

Kevin M. Lowry

Kevin Lowry is a writer and speaker on topics including faith, finances, and conversion. Kevin spent twenty years in secular financial and executive management roles, and he currently serves as chief operating officer of The Coming Home Network International. Kevin and his wife Kathi are converts to the Catholic faith and have eight children. His new book, Faith at Work: Finding Purpose Beyond the Paycheck is available at Kevin’s website,, or from

Articles by Kevin M. Lowry

This Lent, why not be more faithful at work?

Mar 16, 2012 / 00:00 am

My head was spinning. There I was, again, driving down the highway after a long day’s work.

Lives of Caring

Sep 8, 2011 / 00:00 am

It’s been 10 years since 9/11. The day that changed everything, and everyone who watched replay after replay of airplanes flying into buildings. But how have we changed for the better? Consider just one quality: are we more caring for others?

Peace of mind for the 'financially fragile'

Jun 12, 2011 / 00:00 am

Last month, the National Bureau for Economic Research (NBER) published a paper entitled “Financially Fragile Households: Evidence and Implications.”

The JPII multiplier effect

May 5, 2011 / 00:00 am

Blessed Pope John Paul II is one of the reasons I’m Catholic today. And I’m in good company.