Bishop Michael O. Jackels

Bishop Michael O. Jackels

Most Rev. Michael Jackels is bishop of Wichita, Kansas.

Articles by Bishop Michael O. Jackels

There is something of you in this

Aug 26, 2010 / 00:00 am

One way of referring to the Church is to say that the Church is the family of God, and I think that if you look at what might be common in a lot of families, it translates well into the life of the Church that we are a family.

Bishop: don’t be misled by pro-abortion politicians

Sep 9, 2008 / 00:00 am

Let us not be misled by the public statements and positions of pro-abortion politicians who identify themselves as Catholics.

Our love should be unconditional, too

Feb 26, 2008 / 00:00 am

How does the message of hope change lives?