Andrea Gagliarducci

Andrea Gagliarducci

Andrea Gagliarducci is an Italian journalist for Catholic News Agency and Vatican analyst for ACI Stampa. He is a contributor to the National Catholic Register.

Articles by Andrea Gagliarducci

The Vatican strengthens ties with the world’s oldest Christian nation

Oct 20, 2021 / 02:00 am

A week of high-level meetings has brought the Holy See and Armenia ever closer.

President Biden expected to meet Pope Francis at end of October, sources say

Sep 28, 2021 / 11:40 am

It would be the U.S. president’s first official visit to the Vatican since his inauguration.

Who is going to be No. 2 in the Vatican City State administration?

Sep 28, 2021 / 04:00 am

There are signs that it could be a layman.

Pope Francis visits former ‘Bronx of Slovakia’ transformed by Mother Teresa’s nuns

Sep 13, 2021 / 09:00 am

The pope toured the Bethlehem Center, which has helped the homeless since 1997.

Jan Figel: ‘It’s a pity there is no EU religious freedom envoy anymore’

Sep 10, 2021 / 04:15 am

The Slovakian politician was the first person to hold the post.

Catholic bishop: Slovakia has changed profoundly since last papal visit

Sep 9, 2021 / 07:00 am

The last pope to visit Slovakia was St. John Paul II in 2003.

Ambassador: Pope Francis’ visit to Slovakia is ‘a historic moment’

Sep 8, 2021 / 02:00 am

The pope will visit the central European nation on Sept. 12-15.

Analysis: What's behind rumors that Pope Francis will resign?

Aug 30, 2021 / 00:00 am

According to an Argentine priest who has known Pope Francis since his days in Buenos Aires, "there is only one reason why Pope Francis would resign: so that he can influence the process to choose his successor."

Expert’s latest investigation dispels myths about Pius XII and Rome's Jews

Aug 29, 2021 / 07:54 am

Pope Pius XII was not silent in front of the Shoah nor inactive. He was, instead, very much committed to saving Jewish families, spoke out constantly against the Nazi Regime, and set up a series of formal and informal initiatives that show that he was anything but "Hitler's Pope."

What happens when the pope receives a head of state?

Aug 27, 2021 / 07:00 am

There is a remarkable amount of hidden choreography behind the scenes.

US troop withdrawal poses new challenges to Afghanistan’s Christians

Aug 3, 2021 / 04:30 am

The Catholic community will not leave unless it is ‘obliged to.’

The increasing influence of the liturgical school Sant’Anselmo in the Vatican

Jul 22, 2021 / 11:10 am

The new secretary and undersecretary of the Vatican’s Congregation for Divine Worship both have studied at the Pontificio Ateneo Sant'Anselmo, an institute in Rome whose school of liturgy has had increasing influence in liturgical norms coming from the Vatican.

Could Hungary find an unexpected ally in the Holy See?

Jul 10, 2021 / 02:00 am

The country is under fire for a new law touching on homosexuality.

In London deal indictment, what is missing has a meaning, too

Jul 7, 2021 / 20:19 pm

The unprecedented indictment of a cardinal and nine people in the so-called Vatican-London deal is noteworthy as much for what is missing in it as for what it contains.

Statement by UN ‘experts’ seeks to discredit the Holy See

Jun 20, 2021 / 14:35 pm

The statement by a group of U.N. experts will ‘give the Holy See a pie in the face.’

Pope Francis may continue to make changes in the Roman Curia

Jun 18, 2021 / 10:19 am

As the completion of curia reform approaches, Pope Francis would be moving towards some changes. The pope's next moves might be the appointment of a new Master of Ceremonies and the appointment of a president for the Committee to prepare the Jubilee 2025.  

Pope Francis’ inspection of Vatican Congregation for Clergy one of many to come

Jun 11, 2021 / 09:00 am

News of the inspection emerged days before the appointment of the congregation’s new prefect.

Pope Francis believed to be preparing restrictions for the traditional Mass

Jun 3, 2021 / 11:44 am

The Congregation for the Divine Worship might soon issue a document modifying some of the provisions of Benedict XVI’s motu proprio Summorum Pontificum, a source within the congregation told CNA. 

Pope Francis and President Biden may meet on June 15, sources say

Jun 3, 2021 / 10:30 am

According to sources from the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, the first meeting between Pope Francis and President Joe Biden might take place on June 15. 

Cardinal: Renewal of Knights of the Holy Sepulchre goes deeper than swords

May 26, 2021 / 03:00 am

The order’s swearing-in rite will no longer feature a sword. Cardinal Fernando Filoni explains why.