Andrea Gagliarducci

Andrea Gagliarducci

Andrea Gagliarducci is an Italian journalist for Catholic News Agency and Vatican analyst for ACI Stampa. He is a contributor to the National Catholic Register.

Articles by Andrea Gagliarducci

Benedict XVI writes about ‘inner drama of being a Christian’ in new letter

Sep 23, 2022 / 05:29 am

In a new letter, Benedict XVI praised the story of a woman who lived “the inner drama of being a Christian” and dedicated her life to the spiritual encounter with Christ. 

Why Pope Francis wants to visit this Islamic monarchy

Sep 21, 2022 / 04:53 am

Three intertwined stories set the stage for a possible papal trip to the Kingdom of Bahrain in November this year.

Pope Francis extends a hand to China

Sep 19, 2022 / 08:33 am

While a trial against Cardinal Joseph Zen is underway in China, the Holy See continues to work toward the renewal of the Sino-Vatican agreement.

How did Pope Francis change the Order of Malta?

Sep 6, 2022 / 06:40 am

The reform of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta is a reform in a more spiritual sense, at least in terms of its intentions.

How this Mother Teresa documentary sheds new light on a beloved saint

Sep 5, 2022 / 06:40 am

The so-called “definitive movie” about Mother Teresa of Calcutta will be in theaters in October.

Behind the scenes and between the lines: Cardinals debate laity, power, synodality

Aug 31, 2022 / 07:41 am

There were no press conferences, reports, or sensational announcements at the end of the extraordinary consistory convened by Pope Francis to discuss the reform of the Roman Curia. 

A question of ‘delicate balance’: How might Pope Francis reform the rules of the conclave?

Aug 25, 2022 / 04:46 am

Who will manage the Vatican when a pope resigns, is unable to govern, or passes away? And according to which rules and regulations?

Pope Francis calls first extraordinary consistory since 2015 — so what will the cardinals talk about?

Aug 24, 2022 / 07:11 am

Since 2015, Pope Francis has not called an extraordinary consistory like the one to be held on August 29-30. 

Cardinal Becciu ‘reinstated’ by Pope Francis?

Aug 22, 2022 / 05:19 am

Cardinal Becciu, who resigned from all positions and is involved in the Vatican’s historic corruption trial, will reportedly participate in the next consistory.

Cardinal Zuppi: Nicaraguan bishop’s arrest ‘a very serious act’

Aug 20, 2022 / 17:49 pm

A note from the president of the Italian bishops' conference expresses closeness to the bishops of Nicaragua after the arrest of Bishop Alvarez.

How Pope Francis is changing the shape of the Roman Curia

Aug 19, 2022 / 04:50 am

The new round of promotions and demotions in the Vatican is the consequence of two decisions recently taken by Pope Francis.

Why the Vatican's Secretariat of State is set to face a trial in the UK over the London property deal

Aug 18, 2022 / 07:31 am

Following a ruling by the British Court of Appeal, the Vatican’s Secretariat of State is set to face a trial about the purchase of the Sloane Avenue building in London — in a lawsuit brought by the businessman Raffaele Mincione.

Reform and obedience to the Pope: How two crucial meetings will shape the future of the Order of Malta

Aug 17, 2022 / 05:45 am

The debate on the reform of the Order of Malta is entering a crucial phase on Wednesday: Two meetings are scheduled to help shape the future of the unique if troubled Catholic institution.

‘Overstepping the mark': Is the Order of Malta in serious jeopardy?

Jul 29, 2022 / 09:17 am

Do these new changes spell the end of sovereignty? And how might this affect the work of the order?

A look beyond the headlines: Pope Francis encounters Catholic life and history on his journey to Canada

Jul 28, 2022 / 04:52 am

This “penitential pilgrimage” is dedicated to a real path of reconciliation with the Native American populations, and at the same time it is also an apostolic journey to a country with a rich and varied Catholic history.

Pope Francis in Canada: How Ukrainian migrants and indigenous peoples can learn from each other

Jul 27, 2022 / 11:00 am

The history of indigenous peoples in Canada speaks to the plight of Ukrainian immigrants, says this bishop in Edmonton. 

Pope Francis in Canada: A papal pilgrimage for healing and reconciliation

Jul 23, 2022 / 08:15 am

The 37th Apostolic Journey of Pope Francis, which will take him to Canada from July 24-30, is a "penitential pilgrimage” that may also help to heal and reconcile another relationship.

The Church must do more for survivors of sexual abuse, Vatican official says

Jul 22, 2022 / 05:25 am

The Church must do more for anyone affected by sexual abuse, “even when the Church can appear tarnished because of these scandals,” and no matter what the local conditions are, according the Father Andrew Small.

The pope emeritus puzzle: Will Pope Francis rewrite the rules of resignation?

Jul 20, 2022 / 03:55 am

With speculation running rife whether Pope Francis could step down, it is worth analyzing what the pope has actually said abut the rules of resignation — and how this aligns with his wider reform project.

Was Peter's Pence used to finance investments like the now infamous London property deal?

Jul 13, 2022 / 04:35 am

Was Peter's Pence used to finance investments like the now infamous London property deal?