Kate Veik

Kate Veik

Kate Olivera is executive producer of Catholic News Agency's podcasts: CNA Newsroom and CNA Editor's Desk. She has a BA in journalism from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She has worked at Catholic News Agency since 2012; and was previously a staff writer at The Catholic Voice in the Archdiocese of Omaha.

Articles by Kate Veik

Is Oklahoma's use of lethal injection cruel and unusual?

May 2, 2015 / 05:01 am

The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments Wednesday in a case challenging the use of the lethal injection in the United States, following a number of botched executions.

Beauty in Nebraska: College’s transformed church hopes to help students be saints

Apr 21, 2015 / 03:45 am

On a Friday night in spring of 2010, nearly 150 Catholic students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln gathered at their Newman Center to share their ideas for a rebuilding project.

Power of prayer: Contemplative cloisters coming to Crimea?

Mar 14, 2015 / 15:57 pm

It’s been one year since fighting broke out in Ukraine. The death toll has surpassed 6,000. Almost 1 million people have been displaced. And a February ceasefire agreement with Russia has created only a tenuous halt in hostilities, leaving the future uncertain.

The important role you can play in defending marriage in Nebraska

Mar 5, 2015 / 02:01 am

On March 9, hundreds of same-sex couples will flood Nebraska’s county clerk offices to receive marriage licenses for the first time in the state. At the same time, hundreds of Catholics will be uniting in prayer and fasting for the protection of marriage.

Why a former altar girl changed her mind about boy-only servers

Feb 10, 2015 / 14:27 pm

When she was a young girl, Logan Crotty dreamed of becoming a Catholic priest.  

Ecumenism will break shackles of racism, St Louis priest says

Jan 19, 2015 / 00:03 am

The ecumenism preached by Martin Luther King Jr. in his 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech is key to breaking the shackles of individualism and systemic racism, a St. Louis priest has said.

Haiti's hope is in its people five years after quake

Jan 12, 2015 / 19:15 pm

Five years ago today, a 7.0 magnitude earthquake decimated St. Francois de Sales Hospital in the heart of Port-au-Prince.    Now, the more than 100-year-old hospital is preparing to reopen its doors for the first time since the disaster – thanks, in part, to the work of Catholic Relief Services.   

Vatican astronomers unlock the mysteries of the universe…sort of

Jan 8, 2015 / 04:03 am

Vatican astronomer Brother Guy Consolmagno was 30 years old and just starting his career as an astronomer when he faced a personal crisis.

A year after the storm, gratitude trumps grief for Haiyan survivors

Nov 8, 2014 / 04:03 am

A sign hangs outside a newly re-opened storefront in Tacloban.

A Catholic philosopher's spellbinding fight against Hitler

Nov 2, 2014 / 16:01 pm

Dietrich von Hildebrand first earned the hatred of the Nazi party in 1921.

'Mystic in the slums': A glimpse into the prophetic life of Mother Teresa

Oct 21, 2014 / 01:37 am

“The world today is upside down, and is suffering so much, because there is so very little love in the homes and in family life.”

Witness through fitness: America's first pro-life half marathon

Oct 15, 2014 / 01:26 am

When three feet of snow canceled South Dakota’s Crazy Horse half and full marathons last October, thousands of runners were disappointed – among them, a group from the National LIFE Runners Team.  

Authors of new almanac hope to save America's Catholic heritage

Oct 8, 2014 / 01:01 am

“Is the Catholic Church good for America?” That was the question recently posed to Americans on the streets of major cities across the United States by the nonprofit advocacy group CatholicVote.org.

On 30th anniversary, Project Rachel looks to a global future

Sep 26, 2014 / 03:04 am

After 30 years of providing post-abortion healing and support across the United States, Project Rachel is hoping to take its ministry abroad.  

Catholic CrossFit gym lifts Colo. priests

Sep 19, 2014 / 03:02 am

A Catholic CrossFit gym in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, is bringing a whole new meaning to redemptive suffering.  

Aid workers grateful for Gaza ceasefire, but remain wary

Aug 5, 2014 / 15:56 pm

A new 72-hour ceasefire between Israel and Hamas is offering locals and aid workers invaluable time to safely secure essential supplies, but many remain skeptical that it will bring an end to the region’s ongoing violence.

Education crucial to limiting Ebola outbreak, relief agency says

Aug 1, 2014 / 16:04 pm

As the deadly Ebola virus continues to claim victims in West Africa, Catholic Relief Services is working to fight the outbreak by educating affected communities and dispelling local myths.

Iraqi bishop urges prayer as Christians expelled from Mosul

Jul 21, 2014 / 10:42 am

On the eve of an ultimatum issued by Islamists to Christians in the Iraqi city of Mosul, the Chaldean bishop of Erbil, in nearby Kurdistan, urged prayers for the nation's remaining followers of Christ.

New Jersey Dominicans launch monastery expansion initiative

Jul 9, 2014 / 03:03 am

The Dominican monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary was first built in 1930s on donations of a dime per brick. Today, the Dominican community is praying for God’s continued providence for their new expansion project.

Chaldean priest says little hope for Christians in Iraq

Jun 25, 2014 / 15:42 pm

It has been more than four decades since Father Michael Bazzi left his home country of Iraq. But the plight of Christians in his home country at the hands of militant Muslim groups remains at the forefront of his mind.