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Vatican and its observers find little to react to in WikiLeaks cables

Dec 13, 2010 / 14:34 pm

Vatican officials are reacting “serenely” to the latest dump of cables in the ongoing WikiLeaks disclosure. That according to Giovanni Maria Vian, director of the semi-official Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano.

Report finds rising discrimination against Christians in Europe

Dec 13, 2010 / 13:04 pm

In February, patients in the surgery unit of a public hospital in Bad Soden, Germany, watched as hospital workers moved methodically through the unit taking down 12 crucifixes that hung on the walls of the Protestant-run institution. The workers then threw the crosses into trash bags.

China trying to prove it is 'master of the Church,' missionary priest warns

Dec 10, 2010 / 15:00 pm

Father Bernardo Cervellera, a longtime observer of Sino-Vatican affairs, is deeply troubled by recent moves made by China’s communist authorities.

Analysis: What the Pope really said about condoms

Nov 22, 2010 / 12:14 pm

Pope Benedict XVI’s comments on condoms in a new book-interview have whipped the media into a frenzy.

Pope tells new cardinals to be ready to sacrifice their lives

Nov 20, 2010 / 09:32 am

Pope Benedict welcomed the newest cardinals Nov. 20 with a call to service and sacrifice, even if it means spilling their blood.

In closed-door meeting, cardinals examine sensitive issues

Nov 19, 2010 / 16:09 pm

A day of reflection and prayer for about two-thirds of the world's cardinals began with strong words from the Pope Benedict XVI against the true "dictatorship" of relativism. It finished with an address from the Vatican official in charge of leading the fight against sexual abuse in the Church.

British, Welsh bishops announce plans to receive ex-Anglicans into the Church

Nov 19, 2010 / 12:41 pm

Five Anglican bishops who announced earlier this month that they are quitting the Church of England, will be the first to join a new “personal ordinariate” established by the bishops of England and Wales this coming January.

Pope appeals for release of Pakistani Christian mother facing death for blasphemy

Nov 17, 2010 / 15:47 pm

Rarely does Pope Benedict XVI make appeals on behalf of individuals. But the Pope broke from custom Nov. 17, when he ended his weekly general audience with a plea for Pakistani officials to free a Christian mother recently sentenced to death.

Catholic officials describe climate of terror in Iraq, call for justice

Nov 17, 2010 / 12:50 pm

The situation for Christians in Iraq is becoming bleaker. The violence directed against them is no longer limited to the capital city Baghdad, but has been spreading throughout the country.

Kenyan bishop sees spiritual struggle in the fight against AIDS

Nov 11, 2010 / 22:14 pm

AIDS in Africa is more than a public health pandemic, according to Kenyan Bishop Anthony Muheria. The disease is a "deep spiritual and traumatizing wound," as he sees it, one that can only be healed through “spiritual comfort.”

As bishops convert, Vatican moving on plan to welcome Anglicans

Nov 10, 2010 / 14:06 pm

Just weeks after a papal pilgrimage to England, the announcement that five Anglican bishops plan to resign by year’s end and join the Catholic Church is setting wheels in motion at the Vatican.

Controversial angels’ order given Vatican OK

Nov 5, 2010 / 15:53 pm

The Vatican’s top doctrine office says a once-controversial association the promotes veneration of the angels is now in full conformity with Church teaching.

Pope to visit Spain as it searches for renewal

Nov 5, 2010 / 13:09 pm

When Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Spain this weekend he will find a society facing an economic crisis and the social implications of growing secularization and indifference to religion.

Iraqi priest warns of more attacks against Christians

Nov 4, 2010 / 13:48 pm

Sunday’s massacre of 58 Catholics at a Baghdad cathedral fits a disturbing pattern of violence against Christians, according to an Iraqi priest with long experience of ministering in the region.

Pope 'very happy' for chance to visit Spain

Oct 29, 2010 / 09:57 am

Fr. Federico Lombardi met with the press on Oct. 29 to present the schedule for the Pope's Nov. 6-7 visit to Spain. The trip is divided between two major Spanish destinations, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in the Northwest region of Galicia and the Holy Family Church in Barcelona, the capital of the Northeastern Catalonia region.