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Vatican gives free health care to Rome's poor

Mar 1, 2016 / 00:08 am

Poor and homeless men and women will now be able to turn to the Vatican for medical treatment, the latest initiative to offer care for those persons living on the streets of Rome.

Pope to Oriental Orthodox leader: Ecumenism of martyrs calls us to unity

Feb 29, 2016 / 13:04 pm

Today's martyrs have become “the seed of Christian unity,” Pope Francis said Monday during an audience with the leader of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and his delegation.

Rome's US seminary welcomes new rector

Feb 29, 2016 / 11:13 am

The Pontifical North American College (NAC) on Sunday officially installed its new rector, Fr. Peter Harman.  

Pope Francis: It's never too late for conversion

Feb 28, 2016 / 06:46 am

God's patience towards sinners is without limit, yet the time for conversion is now, Pope Francis said during his Sunday Angelus address at the Vatican.

Resignation is from the devil, Pope warns Mexican priests, religious

Feb 16, 2016 / 09:46 am

In the face of corruption, violence, and atrocities against the human person, resignation becomes the “devil's favorite weapon,” Pope Francis told priests, religious, and seminarians on the fourth day of his journey to Mexico.

Pope in Mexico: Don't anesthetize the hope of your youth

Feb 15, 2016 / 10:02 am

In today's throwaway culture, young people are being anesthetized against the desire for a better world, Pope Francis said Monday, celebrating Mass in Mexico's Chiapas region.

Pope to Mexican leaders: Remember your young people

Feb 13, 2016 / 09:46 am

Pope Francis marked his first full day in Mexico by urging the nation's leaders and diplomats to protect the future of the nation's young people.

A chat with Joseph Fiennes – star of historical thriller 'Risen'

Feb 10, 2016 / 15:02 pm

The lead actor of “Risen,” a film told through the eyes of a Roman soldier who is forced to confront the resurrection of Christ, calls it a story for believers and nonbelievers alike – notwithstanding its strong Christian themes.  

Pope appeals for 'martyred country' of Syria

Feb 7, 2016 / 08:37 am

The plight of Syrian civilians involved in the nation's ongoing conflict was at the heart of Pope Francis' appeal to the international community on Sunday, in an address where he also called for a renewed commitment to the protection of life at all stages.

Be thankful – Pope Francis' message at end of Year for Consecrated Life

Feb 2, 2016 / 11:44 am

Pope Francis presided over Mass on Tuesday for the conclusion of the Year for Consecrated Life, reminding religious men and women of their call to be “custodians of wonder” as they promote a culture of encounter with Christ.

The 'terrorism of gossip' destroys communities, Pope warns religious

Feb 1, 2016 / 10:33 am

Christ-like obedience, the “terrorism of gossip”, and hope for future vocations were some of the themes Pope Francis addressed during a Monday audience marking the end of the Year for Consecrated Life.

Hundreds of thousands attend ‘Family Day’ as Italy debates same-sex unions

Jan 30, 2016 / 12:24 pm

Hundreds of thousands are estimated to have gathered for ‘Family Day’ at the historic site in the capital city a week ahead of a vote which could allow same-sex couples to legally enter into civil unions. 

Mercy and mission go hand-in-hand, Pope says

Jan 30, 2016 / 06:18 am

Mercy and the Christian responsibility to be missionaries are closely connected, Pope Francis said Saturday, kicking off the first in a series of special audiences for the Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Pope calls for concrete acts of mercy this Lent

Jan 26, 2016 / 04:37 am

In his 2016 Lenten message, Pope Francis called the faithful to place special emphasis on the spiritual and corporal works of mercy this Lent, taking into account the current Jubilee Year of Mercy.

Christians are united by mission and conversion, Pope Francis reflects

Jan 25, 2016 / 11:54 am

Pope Francis on Monday marked the conclusion of the Week for Christian Unity, saying all Christians are united by the call to conversion and the mission to proclaim the Gospel.  

Evangelize the poor: that is your mission, Pope says

Jan 24, 2016 / 06:15 am

Pope Francis centered his Angelus address this Sunday on what it means to evangelize the poor, and how this is the mission of the Church.

Young people in London hear Catholic view on sex and love

Jan 24, 2016 / 04:02 am

Helping young Catholics engage their culture on matters of human dignity and sexuality – based on the writings of St. John Paul II – was the aim of a recent symposium held in the heart of London.

Even the saints had sin in their past, Pope Francis recalls

Jan 19, 2016 / 12:00 pm

Even great saints had at times succumbed to sin, Pope Francis said Tuesday during his Mass at the chapel of the Santa Marta residence.

All the faithful can receive God's love in confession – Pope Francis

Jan 13, 2016 / 00:08 am

God's love is offered to everyone who goes to the sacrament of confession, Pope Francis said in his new book on mercy – even those who are not able to receive absolution from their sins.

Missionaries of Mercy to be sent out under the gaze of Padre Pio

Jan 6, 2016 / 00:03 am

The body of Padre Pio will be on display for veneration at next month’s Ash Wednesday Mass in the Vatican, where a group of priests will be sent  out as “Missionaries of Mercy” for the Jubilee Year.