Hannah Brockhaus

Hannah Brockhaus

Hannah Brockhaus is Catholic News Agency's senior Rome correspondent. She grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and has a degree in English from Truman State University in Missouri.

Articles by Hannah Brockhaus

Despite deadly attacks, Pope Francis will still go to Egypt

Apr 10, 2017 / 08:50 am

The Vatican confirmed Monday that Pope Francis' trip to Egypt at the end of the month will go on as planned, despite terrorist attacks which killed more than 43 people during Palm Sunday celebrations in the country.

'Pope Francis laundry' service opens for homeless in Rome

Apr 10, 2017 / 03:46 am

On Monday the latest Pope Francis-inspired initiative for the poor opened up in Rome – a new laundromat, with washing, drying and ironing services for those without a home or a fixed living situation.

Bishops seek input from youth ahead of 2018 synod

Apr 8, 2017 / 15:09 pm

An international conference this week in Rome is seeking feedback from young people on the upcoming 2018 Synod of Bishops, as preparations are also underway for the 2019 World Youth Day in Panama.

Pope Francis: Stop using the word 'illegal' as a synonym for 'immigrant'

Apr 7, 2017 / 04:56 am

Pope Francis said Friday that when it comes to solving the immigration crisis, the media need to stop perpetuating negative stereotypes and start explaining the big picture, shedding light on the causes behind migration.

Catholic Church grows as Americas, Europe trail in priestly vocations

Apr 6, 2017 / 10:20 am

According to Vatican statistics released Thursday, the Church in the Americas lags behind globally when it comes to the number of seminarians per number of Catholics.

Priest who met three saints named auxiliary bishop of Seattle

Apr 6, 2017 / 06:48 am

On Thursday, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis has chosen Msgr. Daniel H. Mueggenborg, a priest of the Diocese of Tulsa, to be an auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Seattle.

Pope Francis challenges young people in April prayer video

Apr 5, 2017 / 12:51 pm

Young people are the subject of Pope Francis’ universal prayer intention for April, and in his prayer video presenting the petition, the pontiff challenges them to “be the protagonists of change.”

Dialogue is essential, Pope Francis tells British Muslim leaders

Apr 5, 2017 / 10:56 am

Pope Francis met Wednesday with a delegation of Muslim leaders from Great Britain along with Cardinal Vincent Nichols of Westminster to promote dialogue and collaboration following the deadly attack in London last month.

Pope Francis condemns deadly attacks in Syria, Russia

Apr 5, 2017 / 04:47 am

On Wednesday, Pope Francis expressed his horror at a chemical weapon attack in the province of Idlib, Syria the previous day, also expressing his sorrow for the victims of an attack April 3 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

For Francis, human development is about 'integrating body and soul'

Apr 4, 2017 / 10:41 am

On Tuesday Pope Francis spoke about what an ‘integral human development’ looks like, saying that development must include the whole person, both physically and spiritually.

Pope Francis creates path for SSPX priests to celebrate marriages validly

Apr 4, 2017 / 04:53 am

On Tuesday Pope Francis approved a way for priests of the Society of St. Pius X to witness marriages validly, which had not been the case previously because they lacked the faculties to do so.

Even in tragedy, God’s love remains, Pope tells earthquake victims

Apr 2, 2017 / 08:41 am

Sunday Pope Francis encouraged people from earthquake-damaged communities to continue the process of rebuilding with courage and strength, never losing hope in God’s steadfast love.

Pope: Don’t dwell on suffering, let Jesus heal you

Apr 2, 2017 / 03:42 am

Sunday, Pope Francis said that each of us carries some kind of tomb inside our heart, whether from sin or suffering, and we can either stay bogged down in misery, focusing only on ourselves, or we can allow Jesus to come into that place and heal it.

Pope Francis says Catholic shrines are a key place for evangelization

Apr 2, 2017 / 00:24 am

On Saturday, Pope Francis moved the responsibility for Catholic shrines to be under the Congregation for the Promotion of the New Evangelization, stating that shrines, as sacred places, are especially suitable to conversion and the strengthening of faith.

Vatican official hopes Trump will 'rethink' some decisions

Mar 31, 2017 / 12:20 pm

Thursday Vatican official Cardinal Peter Turkson said he hopes President Trump will reconsider some of the decisions he is making in office, particularly his recent executive order curtailing environmental protections – but that he is glad U.S. bishops are offering a “different voice.”

Pope Francis makes surprise 'Year of Mercy'-style visit

Mar 31, 2017 / 08:16 am

Although the Jubilee Year of Mercy has officially ended, Pope Francis today made a surprise “Mercy Friday” visit to a center for the blind and visually impaired in Rome – showing that he doesn't think works of mercy are just for special occasions – or years.

Don't believe in hell? You haven't seen Syria lately, cardinal says

Mar 30, 2017 / 14:02 pm

Six years after the start of the Civil War, Syria's apostolic nuncio said that the country is in a “bloodbath” – a situation so desperate it leaves you with the impression of being in hell.

Pope Francis prays for Iraq as civilian death toll rises

Mar 29, 2017 / 03:56 am

With the battle for major ISIS strongholds heating up in Iraq, Pope Francis has voiced his closeness to the country, praying for the safety of people on the ground, particularly civilians caught in the crosshairs of the fighting.

Pope Francis: Eliminating nuclear weapons is a moral imperative

Mar 28, 2017 / 07:55 am

On Tuesday, Pope Francis acknowledged the difficulty of totally eliminating nuclear weapons, but said the challenge is still a necessary undertaking, especially given what’s at stake.

As abuse survivor leaves, Vatican group aims to listen better to victims

Mar 27, 2017 / 09:26 am

After a victim who suffered past clerical abuse resigned from the Vatican's anti-abuse commission, the group is aiming for more effective ways to communicate with survivors and include them in its work.