Hannah Brockhaus

Hannah Brockhaus

Hannah Brockhaus is Catholic News Agency's senior Rome correspondent. She grew up in Omaha, Nebraska, and has a degree in English from Truman State University in Missouri.

Articles by Hannah Brockhaus

Pope Francis to Rome's priests: Imitate Saint Peter's faith

Mar 2, 2017 / 11:47 am

Pope Francis met Thursday with priests of the Diocese of Rome, delivering a lengthy meditation on St. Peter and his example of faith – which, though imperfect, grows and develops throughout his discipleship.

Pope Francis' latest prayer video spotlights Christian persecution

Mar 2, 2017 / 11:47 am

In his prayer video for March, Pope Francis prays for persecuted Christians, asking for the prayers and aid of the whole Church toward those mistreated on the basis of their beliefs.

Pope on Ash Wednesday: Feeling suffocated by sin? Let God save you

Mar 1, 2017 / 09:43 am

At Ash Wednesday Mass, Pope Francis spoke about the bad habits, negativity, and sin present in our lives which cause us to be choked off from the life-giving breath of God – supernatural grace.

Lent isn’t just about penance – it’s also a time of hope, Pope Francis says

Mar 1, 2017 / 05:29 am

On Ash Wednesday, Pope Francis said that while Lent is certainly a time of mortification, it’s also a journey of hope that leads to the joy of Christ’s Resurrection – a journey that requires both daily sacrifice and love.

Walk in another's shoes, Pope encourages in interview

Feb 28, 2017 / 09:29 am

In an interview published Tuesday, Pope Francis spoke about what it means to care for and be present to the people in our communities – whether they are widows, orphans, migrants, or the homeless – and why this is important.

Priest: We need to praise what is good, true in the Muslim faith

Feb 28, 2017 / 06:02 am

Not only is there a good deal in common between Muslims and Christians, but Catholics are called to respect and work together with those who practice the Muslim faith in recognition of truth and goodness they do possess, said Islam scholar Fr. Thomas Michel.

Surgeon and father among sainthood causes moving forward

Feb 27, 2017 / 11:03 am

Pope Francis recognized on Monday the heroic virtue of eight persons on the path to canonization, including an Italian surgeon and father of eight who suffered from several painful diseases throughout his life.

Access to water is a basic human right, concerns 'the common good'

Feb 24, 2017 / 11:03 am

A Vatican seminar on water held this week highlighted the complex challenges faced around the world in making the basic human right to water a reality for all people.

Pope meets families of victims from deadly Bangladesh attack

Feb 22, 2017 / 11:24 am

Pope Francis met Wednesday morning with the families of nine of the victims of a terrorist attack which took place in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, last summer.

Pope Francis: Creation is a sign of hope – we have to take care of it

Feb 22, 2017 / 04:32 am

On Wednesday Pope Francis said creation has often suffered because of humanity’s sins and failings, stressing that we must take care of it because as Christians, we see signs of hope in Christ’s Resurrection in nature every day.

Pope Francis: Protecting migrants is a 'moral imperative'

Feb 21, 2017 / 08:30 am

On Tuesday Pope Francis said that it is our duty to defend the dignity of migrants, particularly by enacting just laws that offer protection to those forced to flee from dangerous or inhumane situations.

Pope prays for victims of terrorist attacks in Iraq and Pakistan

Feb 19, 2017 / 05:09 am

After leading the Angelus Sunday, Pope Francis prayed for all those affected by violence and war around the world, particularly the victims of recent terrorist attacks in Pakistan and Iraq, asking pilgrims to offer a moment of silence before leading them in praying the ‘Hail Mary.’

Muslim refugee hails Pope Francis as the example of religion

Feb 17, 2017 / 16:02 pm

Nur Essa, a Muslim Syrian woman whose family was brought to Rome from Lesbos by Pope Francis last April, said that the openness he has shown to those of different faiths has deeply impressed her.

How one organization hopes to revolutionize orphanages

Feb 17, 2017 / 06:01 am

The Catholic Church puts a lot of effort into having excellent schools and hospitals, but what about its orphanages? For Caroline Boudreaux, conditions in orphanages are too often overlooked – something we all have the ability and opportunity to help change.

This is the one thing Pope Francis says you can brag about

Feb 15, 2017 / 04:59 am

As children we are taught that bragging is bad, especially when we do it to people who have less than us, however, for Pope Francis, there is one thing we should never hesitate to flaunt to whoever we meet: our hope in Christ.

Pope Francis: Don't preach the Gospel like it's a 'recommendation'

Feb 14, 2017 / 11:16 am

Pope Francis said Tuesday that the Word of God isn’t something that can be explained to people as a mere recommendation, or merely a good idea, but that it requires courage, prayer and humility to preach with honesty – and this is the only way it will have an impact.

Don't let small resentments turn into something worse, Pope Francis warns

Feb 13, 2017 / 10:40 am

Pope Francis on Monday spoke about what it means to kill your brother in your heart, which, may be something as small as envy or bitterness, and if left to grow, can lead to even worse things, such as war or actual murder.

Amid controversy, council of cardinals backs Pope Francis

Feb 13, 2017 / 10:10 am

In the wake of several contentious events surrounding the Vatican recently, Pope Francis' advisory board in his ongoing reform of the Roman Curia affirmed their support of the Pope and his work.

Without women, there is no harmony in the world, Pope Francis says

Feb 10, 2017 / 15:17 pm

A woman’s value is not based on her material accomplishments, but simply in the beauty and harmony she brings to the world, just by her very being, Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis: in healthcare, we are responsible to the most vulnerable

Feb 10, 2017 / 13:22 pm

When it comes to healthcare and using our resources wisely, we have a responsibility to protect and take care of the most vulnerable in society, especially the elderly, Pope Francis told members of the Italian bishops’ conference Friday.