Courtney Mares

Courtney Mares

Courtney Mares is a Rome Correspondent for Catholic News Agency. A graduate of Harvard University, she has reported from news bureaus on three continents and was awarded the Gardner Fellowship for her work with North Korean refugees.

Articles by Courtney Mares

PHOTOS: Vatican Christmas tree lighting ceremony 2022

Dec 3, 2022 / 13:10 pm

A large hand-carved wooden nativity scene was unveiled in St. Peter Square on Saturday night at the Vatican’s Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

Pope Francis blesses Nativity scene made by craftsmen in Guatemala

Dec 3, 2022 / 12:00 pm

Pope Francis blessed a Nativity scene on Saturday that was handmade by artisan craftsmen in Guatemala.

Pope Francis: The Church has a duty to welcome people with disabilities

Dec 3, 2022 / 07:30 am

“There is no inclusion if it only remains a slogan, a formula to be used in politically correct speeches,” Pope Francis said.

Pope Francis: The effects of the war in Ukraine are being felt all over the world

Dec 2, 2022 / 05:50 am

Pope Francis said Friday that the war between Russia and Ukraine is an example of the “globalization of problems” with the far-felt effects of the energy and food crises.

Ukrainian archbishop appeals for release of Catholic priests captured by Russian troops

Dec 2, 2022 / 05:20 am

Two Catholic priests captured by Russian troops are “being tortured without mercy,” the leader of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church said Thursday.

This Catholic priest fought narcos in Colombia, now he is to lead the peace process

Dec 1, 2022 / 08:40 am

This Catholic priest fought narcos in Colombia, now he is to lead the peace process

Pope Francis: Restoration of Christian unity is ‘an urgent priority in today’s world’

Nov 30, 2022 / 07:55 am

Pope Francis said Wednesday that the full restoration of communion among all Christians is “an urgent priority in today’s world.”

Pope Francis’ spiritual life tip: A daily examination of conscience helps to avoid repeating mistakes

Nov 30, 2022 / 04:11 am

Pope Francis has recommended a daily examination of conscience as an “indispensable” practice in spiritual life.

What it is like to be a Catholic priest in Qatar

Nov 29, 2022 / 06:09 am

When Father Charbel Mhanna needs to acquire altar wine for Mass, he must use a special card issued by the government of Qatar.

Vatican says China violated terms of agreement with bishop installation

Nov 26, 2022 / 05:40 am

The Holy See “noted with surprise and regret” that Bishop John Peng Weizhao had been installed as an “auxiliary bishop of Jiangxi,” a diocese that is not recognized by the Vatican.

Pope Francis prays for homeless man who died in St. Peter's Square

Nov 26, 2022 / 03:30 am

Burkhard Scheffler, a 61-year-old man born in Germany, died on a cold night on the street, a Vatican spokesman said.

‘Your pain is my pain’: Pope Francis pens letter marking 9 months of war in Ukraine

Nov 25, 2022 / 07:50 am

In an emotional letter addressed to the people of Ukraine, Pope Francis wrote that he sees the cross of Christ in the tortures and sufferings endured by Ukrainians in nine months of war.

Hong Kong court convicts Cardinal Zen and five other democracy advocates

Nov 25, 2022 / 03:02 am

Cardinal Joseph Zen and five others were found guilty on Friday of failing to register a fund that helped pay for the legal fees and medical treatments of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters.

Seminarians run a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot around Vatican City State

Nov 24, 2022 / 07:30 am

More than 130 seminarians, priests, and Catholic college students ran in the 13th Annual Thanksgiving Turkey Trot around Vatican City State.

Head doctor for Madrid soccer team calls Pope Francis a ‘very stubborn patient’

Nov 23, 2022 / 07:34 am

The Vatican has recruited the head doctor of a Madrid soccer team among a team of specialists to help treat Pope Francis’ knee problem.

Pope Francis appoints Bishop Henning as coadjutor bishop of Providence

Nov 23, 2022 / 06:34 am

Pope Francis appointed Bishop Richard Henning as a coadjutor bishop of Providence on Wednesday.

Pope Francis travels to northern Italy to share a special meal with his cousins

Nov 19, 2022 / 07:30 am

The visit was the first time that Pope Francis had met with his 90-year-old second cousin since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Verdict in Cardinal Zen’s trial expected on Friday

Nov 19, 2022 / 05:10 am

One of the pro-democracy advocates on trial with Cardinal Joseph Zen was recently arrested under Hong Kong’s national security law.

‘We lift our prayers to God for peace in Ukraine’: Vatican Mass marks Ukraine-Holy See diplomatic relationship

Nov 18, 2022 / 04:26 am

The Mass marked the 30th anniversary of the restoration of diplomatic relations between the Holy See and Ukraine.

Italian bishops release report evaluating diocesan efforts to prevent abuse

Nov 17, 2022 / 05:40 am

Catholic bishops in Italy released a national report on Thursday evaluating the recent implementation of diocesan services to aid victims of abuse.