Jonah McKeown

Jonah McKeown

Jonah McKeown is a staff writer and podcast producer for Catholic News Agency. He holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Missouri School of Journalism and has worked as a writer, as a producer for public radio, and as a videographer. He is based in St. Louis.

Articles by Jonah McKeown

Was Squanto Catholic? What we know about this hero of the first Thanksgiving

Nov 23, 2023 / 04:00 am

In March 1621, the chief of the Wampanoag confederation met with the Pilgrims and brought Tisquantum along to translate. He then stayed with the Pilgrims.

Update: Texas dioceses targeted by scammer impersonating Catholic priest

Nov 21, 2023 / 14:45 pm

A man calling himself “Father Martin” attempted to infiltrate several Texas parishes last month and reportedly stole several hundred dollars from one parish.

Texas lawmakers vote to remove school choice provision from funding bill

Nov 20, 2023 / 16:56 pm

The amendment would have allowed parents to make use of 75% of the cost of sending the student to public school to pay for the institution of their choice.

Indi Gregory dies: What went wrong, and what happens next?

Nov 17, 2023 / 16:20 pm

Catholics in the U.K. say the country’s medical and legal authorities need to place a greater emphasis on parental voices when difficult medical decisions arise.  

U.S. bishops express strong support for proposal to name Newman a doctor of the Church

Nov 16, 2023 / 17:30 pm

Bishop Robert Barron was among several bishops who spoke passionately in support this week of a proposal to name St. John Henry Newman a Church doctor.

American Medical Association retains opposition to assisted suicide

Nov 14, 2023 / 18:00 pm

The Catholic Medical Association praised the AMA for maintaining its stance on physician-assisted suicide.

Prizewinning National Eucharistic Revival hymns released for use in parishes

Nov 13, 2023 / 13:30 pm

The sheet music for the official hymns of the upcoming National Eucharistic Revival was made available online last week.

Catholics and pot: Denver archbishop speaks out against marijuana use, U.S. drug culture

Nov 10, 2023 / 18:20 pm

Archbishop Samuel Aquila’s new pastoral letter lays out the reasons for the Church’s teaching that drug use is immoral.

Indi Gregory: UK judges order life support removed

Nov 10, 2023 / 15:25 pm

Senior judges in the United Kingdom ruled today that a terminally ill baby’s life support be removed “immediately,” with the exact time and location as yet unspecified.

Oklahoma City archbishop urges governor to grant clemency to convicted murderer

Nov 10, 2023 / 12:30 pm

A statewide board in Oklahoma this week narrowly recommended clemency for a man convicted of a double murder more than 20 years ago.

British infant Indi Gregory given more time to live as judge allows family to appeal

Nov 9, 2023 / 14:16 pm

The terminally ill British infant has been given more time to live after a court on Thursday gave her family permission to appeal a judge’s decision.

Indi Gregory case: Baby to be removed from life support Thursday despite parents’ pleas

Nov 8, 2023 / 15:25 pm

A terminally ill baby in England is set to be removed from life support following a judge’s ruling, despite the pleading of her parents. 

Major survey finds ‘conservative’ and ‘orthodox’ priests on the rise

Nov 7, 2023 / 17:15 pm

A new survey indicates that priests describing themselves as “progressive” are practically going “extinct” among U.S. seminary graduates, among other findings.

Are these the best and worst states for religious freedom?

Nov 2, 2023 / 17:48 pm

First Liberty Institute released its analysis Wednesday ranking all 50 states based on how free its residents are to practice their faith.

Texas school choice bill draws support from state Catholic conference

Nov 1, 2023 / 17:30 pm

Gov. Greg Abbott said Tuesday that he had reached an agreement with Texas House leadership on the school choice bill.

Vatican agrees to review closures of two St. Louis parishes amid archdiocesan restructuring

Oct 31, 2023 / 14:15 pm

Both parishes had been subsumed into others in recent months, creating new parish groupings.

Notre Dame students defend ‘dignity and sanctity of women’ ahead of campus drag show

Oct 27, 2023 / 10:45 am

Two seniors at the University of Notre Dame are leading a group of concerned students in objecting to a university-sponsored drag show.

EU leaders to call for humanitarian corridors in Gaza as war rages

Oct 26, 2023 / 14:10 pm

Leaders will call for the establishment of “humanitarian corridors and pauses” to transport aid to civilians into the Gaza Strip.

Notre Dame students publish letter objecting to drag show on campus 

Oct 25, 2023 / 17:50 pm

In a letter to the editor published Oct. 24 in the Observer student newspaper, two seniors objected to a planned Nov. 3 show.

Catholic anti-death penalty group hosts discussion featuring death row exonerees

Oct 24, 2023 / 17:30 pm

Catholic Mobilizing Network hosted the Oct. 23 event at Xavier University in Cincinnati in partnership with other anti-death penalty organizations.