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ACI Prensa

ACI Prensa is the Catholic News Agency's sister agency, which was founded in Lima, Peru, in 1980 by Fr. Adalbert Marie Mohm (†1986). In 1997, ACI Prensa launched the website, which is the largest and most visited online source of Catholic news in Spanish. In 2014, Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN) acquired Catholic News Agency and ACI Prensa. Since the merger, CNA and ACI Prensa have expanded their distribution platform. Now it is a service of EWTN News Inc.

Articles by ACI Prensa

Four ways to celebrate ‘Holywins’ with your family on the eve of All Saints

Oct 31, 2023 / 04:00 am

The celebration of “Holywins” is an initiative that originated in Paris in 2002 with the aim of celebrating the eve of All Saints on Oct. 31 in a Christian way.

European bishops concerned about draft bill on medical use of ‘human substances’

Sep 13, 2023 / 16:30 pm

The bishops stated that “as the Catholic Church we are convinced ... that human life from the beginning, including unborn life, possesses its own dignity.”

Boy in Brazil asks for — and receives — a chapel for his birthday

Aug 29, 2023 / 16:30 pm

The chapel was dedicated July 9 in Bauru in the Brazilian state of São Paulo, where the family lives.

Church to accompany peace talks between Colombian government, National Liberation Army

Aug 15, 2023 / 16:00 pm

Among the issues that will be addressed, in addition to pacification, are those of agrarian reform and institutional reform in Colombia.

A new eucharistic miracle in Latin America?

Jul 21, 2023 / 15:30 pm

A corporal (sacred linen cloth) at a small rural chapel in Honduras showed large stains that seemed to be of human blood.

Islamic terrorist in Jan. 25 attacks in Spain said Christian faith ‘must be eliminated’

Apr 28, 2023 / 10:00 am

Yassine Kanjaa carried out jihadist attacks in Algeciras, Spain, killing a sacristan and seriously wounding a priest in two different incidents.

The Catholic Church celebrates Easter Monday under the title 'Monday of the Angel'

Apr 10, 2023 / 05:00 am

In many countries in Europe and South America, this day, also known as “Little Easter,” is a national holiday.

Worldwide women’s rosary announced for Dec. 8: ‘We’re daughters of the Most Holy Virgin’

Nov 8, 2022 / 16:02 pm

With the purpose of honoring the Blessed Virgin Mary on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, the Worldwide Women’s Rosary will be held for the first time on Dec. 8.

Tabernacle desecrated, consecrated hosts stolen from Costa Rica church 

Oct 21, 2022 / 18:00 pm

In the early hours of the morning, caretakers of the St. Rose of Lima Parish, Pocosol, noticed that sound equipment, sacred vessels, and a monstrance had been stolen.

On this day almost 800 years ago, the practice of perpetual adoration of the Blessed Sacrament began

Sep 11, 2022 / 08:00 am

On September 11, 1226, King Louis VII asked to expose the Blessed Sacrament as a way to celebrate victory over the Albigensians, a sect that flourished in southern France in the 12th and 13th centuries.

Spain's judiciary council questions details of proposed trans law

Apr 22, 2022 / 12:45 pm

The Plenary of Spain’s national council of the judiciary has questioned the draft law on “the real and effective equality of trans people and for the guarantee of LGTBI rights.”

Masks no longer necessary inside churches in Spain

Apr 20, 2022 / 14:07 pm

Given the improvement in the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic in Spain, a Royal Decree published Wednesday states that the use of masks indoors is no longer mandatory, but keeps in place the requirement for hospitals and public transportation. 

Spaniards send Sacred Heart badges to Ukraine's soldiers

Apr 12, 2022 / 14:10 pm

The Diocese of Getafe, in collaboration with the Shrine of the Great Promise in Valladolid, has made 10,000 Sacred Heart of Jesus badges that were sent to Ukraine in early April. There they will be picked by Franciscan friars to distribute to Ukrainian soldiers.

Spain criminalizes pro-life witness near abortion clinics

Apr 7, 2022 / 15:00 pm

Spain’s Senate voted Wednesday in favor of a bill amending the country’s penal code to criminalize “harassment” of women entering abortion clinics.

Priest staying in Ukraine with his parishioners: 'God gives me the strength'

Mar 29, 2022 / 15:49 pm

Father Pedro Zafra is a 31-year-old priest from Córdoba, Spain, who arrived in Kyiv in 2011 for priestly formation. He was ordained last June and is a member of the Neocatechumenal Way. The priest serves the parish of the Assumption of the Virgin in the Ukrainian capital.

27 Dominican martyrs of Spanish Civil War to be beatified in June

Mar 9, 2022 / 16:19 pm

On June 18 the Seville Cathedral will host the beatification of 27 Dominican martyrs of the Spanish Civil War.

Missionary family returns to Spain from Ukraine: 'We witnessed God's miracles'

Mar 8, 2022 / 14:35 pm

César Campomar and María Auxiliadora Hernando and their ten children have lived in Ukraine since 1997 where they went to evangelize as members of the Neocatechumenal Way.  The family had to flee Ukraine because of the war and arrived in Burgos from Kyiv last Thursday.

Spanish nuns evacuated from Ukraine: Christ was with us in the Blessed Sacrament 

Mar 3, 2022 / 16:19 pm

Before war broke out in Ukraine, Sisters María, María Jesús, and Antonia of the Missionaries of the Congregation of Saint Dominic were running an after-school program in Kyiv. The three were evacuated last week, and they told the Pontifical Mission Societies the story of their last hours before leaving Ukraine.

Across Colombia, half a million march for life after court decriminalizes abortion

Mar 1, 2022 / 15:50 pm

Across Colombia, around half a million people marched on Sunday to defend the lives of the unborn, rejecting the recent ruling of the Constitutional Court decriminalizing abortion up to six months of pregnancy.

Two non-terminally ill Colombians euthanized

Jan 10, 2022 / 14:56 pm

Within the span of 24 hours this weekend, two Colombians became the first people without a terminal illness to be euthanized in the country.