Solène Tadié

Solène Tadié

Solène Tadié is the Europe Correspondent for the National Catholic Register. She is French-Swiss and grew up in Paris. After graduating from Roma III University with a degree in journalism, she began reporting on Rome and the Vatican for Aleteia. She joined L’Osservatore Romano in 2015, where she successively worked for the French section and the Cultural pages of the Italian daily newspaper. She has also collaborated with several French-speaking Catholic media organizations. Solène has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas.

Articles by Solène Tadié

Katalin Novák resigns as president of Hungary

Feb 10, 2024 / 17:25 pm

A hero to many Catholics worldwide because of her pro-family leadership, Novák stepped down unexpectedly Feb. 10 amid protests over her role in a controversial pardon.

The dubia were not meant as an attack on the pope, Cardinal Burke says

Oct 5, 2023 / 09:23 am

The cardinal was speaking at a conference in Rome on Oct. 3 on the theme “the synodal Babel” to discuss the main points of contention raised by the synod.

New report analyzes origins and phenomena behind abuse in France’s St. John community

Jul 2, 2023 / 08:00 am

The 800-page document details findings of an internal investigation into the origins of abuse in the St. John Family.

Iconic Mont Saint-Michel Abbey celebrates 1,000 years

Jun 13, 2023 / 07:00 am

Celebrations of the anniversary continue at the iconic historic pilgrimage site until fall of 2023.

Hundreds of faithful gather in prayer for Pope Francis at Budapest’s oldest parish church    

Apr 30, 2023 / 14:30 pm

A time of celebration, prayer, and adoration for the faithful was held on the evening of April 29 at the Inner City Parish Church, the city’s oldest parish.

New online platform fights porn addiction under the patronage of Blessed Carlo Acutis

Apr 18, 2023 / 14:00 pm

The initiative SOS Porn Deliverance seeks to show people the good news that with God, freedom is possible.

Notre Dame cathedral to open in December 2024

Mar 7, 2023 / 14:00 pm

Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, whose spire and roof were destroyed by a 2019 fire, should be rebuilt within the five-year deadline set by the French government.

International group launches proposal to ban surrogacy worldwide

Mar 6, 2023 / 09:45 am

A signed document aims to raise global awareness of surrogacy, which the group considers to be a practice that violates human dignity.

Citizens’ convention endorses legalization of euthanasia and assisted suicide in France

Feb 27, 2023 / 10:56 am

The 184-member council was convened by President Emmanuel Macron to debate “end of life” issues.

60 years after his miraculous healing, he still returns to Lourdes

Feb 11, 2023 / 04:00 am

In April 1962, a 23-year-old Italian soldier named Vittorio Micheli was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his left hip.

New report details abuses of L’Arche founder

Feb 1, 2023 / 07:35 am

The late Jean Vanier sexually abused at least 25 women, according to a new investigative report commissioned by L’Arche International.

Former archbishop of Paris under investigation for sexual assault is ‘outraged but serene’  

Jan 4, 2023 / 15:50 pm

In a statement issued Jan. 3, the Archdiocese of Paris said it was not “able to verify whether the facts in question were proven, nor if they constituted an offense.” 

Why the French bishops have launched the world’s first canonical criminal court

Dec 12, 2022 / 07:20 am

It is considered a world first: To date, no other bishops’ conference has implemented any national structure of this magnitude.

Will France enshrine a ‘right’ to abortion in its constitution?

Nov 23, 2022 / 02:29 am

If officially approved by the Parliament at the end of the month, the bill would still need to be approved by the Senate.

European court rules in favor of feminist claiming to ‘abort Jesus’ in a church in Paris

Oct 19, 2022 / 07:20 am

The judges of the European Court of Human Rights ruled unanimously that the woman was exercising her “freedom of expression.”

‘Hands off my statue’: How this French group hopes to save St. Michael the Archangel

Oct 11, 2022 / 06:25 am

The recent decision of a French Court of Appeal to confirm the removal of a statue of St. Michael the Archangel from a seaside town stirred strong reactions across the country. 

Hostility toward Christian values is growing in European institutions, Polish politician and philosopher says

Aug 5, 2022 / 01:04 am

The European Commission’s 2022 Rule of Law report has once again singled out Poland and Hungary, accusing both countries of not addressing “serious concerns,” including breaches in their judiciary and media systems. The report identified stark differences between the EU and the two countries. 

‘I felt I completely lost my soul’: Ex-military nurse battling addiction finds solace at Lourdes

May 19, 2022 / 09:10 am

‘My family grieved me as I was basically gone,’ Richard Johnson said during a pilgrimage to Lourdes.

‘Warriors to Lourdes’ pilgrimage brings comfort to wounded souls

May 16, 2022 / 07:30 am

More than 175 U.S. active-duty personnel and veterans are taking part in a pilgrimage sponsored by the Knights of Columbus.

‘I pray to St. John Paul II every day’: How a Ukrainian refugee found shelter at the pope’s former residence

Mar 23, 2022 / 13:00 pm

‘Through the intercession of St. John Paul II, God led us to this residence,’ said Eleanor Petritschenko.