Walter Sanchez Silva

Walter Sanchez Silva

Walter Sánchez Silva is a senior writer for ACI Prensa ( With more than 15 years of experience, he has reported from important ecclesial events in Europe, Asia and Latin America during the pontificates of Benedict XVI and Pope Francis. E-mail: [email protected]

Articles by Walter Sanchez Silva

Mexican Supreme Court invalidates medical conscientious objection law

Sep 21, 2021 / 11:25 am

Mexico's Supreme Court on Monday invalidated an article of the General Health Law that broadly provided for medical personnel's conscientious objection to participating in treatments, such as abortion.

Argentine archbishop warns president: 'There is little time left' to avoid debacle

Sep 18, 2021 / 06:01 am

Archbishop Víctor Manuel Fernández of La Plata warned Argentine president Alberto Fernández Thursday that his priorities, such as abortion, marijuana, euthanasia, and non-binary language, don’t respond to the "profound anguish" of the people.

Salvadoran president urged to oppose proposed pro-abortion constitutional changes

Sep 15, 2021 / 18:01 pm

Seventy-five pro-life and pro-family organizations on Monday asked the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, to oppose the changes to the constitution promoted by his vice president, Félix Ulloa, which would open the doors to abortion, euthanasia, and gender ideology, and would threaten religious freedom.

Buenos Aires cathedral tagged with anti-Catholic graffiti

Aug 30, 2021 / 15:10 pm

Vandals attacked the Buenos Aires cathedral in Argentina last Friday, spray painting the walls with various slogans against the Church, Catholic priests and the Bible. 

Colombian Supreme Court rules minors can marry or cohabit with an adult without parental consent

Aug 26, 2021 / 15:19 pm

The Supreme Court of Colombia ruled last week that minors between 14 and older can choose, without parental consent, legally to marry or cohabit with an adult if they have the “responsible intention” to form a family.

Retired archbishop calls Pope Francis' Traditional Latin Mass restrictions 'a regrettable step backwards'

Aug 26, 2021 / 10:45 am

Archbishop Héctor Rubén Aguer, the Archbishop Emeritus of La Plata, has said that the restrictions on the Traditional Latin Mass in Traditionis custodes “involve a regrettable step backwards.”

Prayers asked for nun kidnapped in Mali in 2017

Aug 11, 2021 / 14:23 pm

An initiative that works to highlight persecution of Christians released Friday a video seeking prayers for Sister Gloria Cecilia Nárvaez Argoti, a missionary who was abducted in Mali in February 2017.

Fr Cesáreo Gabaráin, deceased hymn composer, credibly accused of abuse

Aug 9, 2021 / 19:39 pm

The Marist Congregation in Spain has confirmed it has received credible accusations of the abuse of minors against Fr. Cesáreo Gabaráin, a composer who died in 1991.

Argentine diocese apologizes for prayer to Pachamama

Aug 5, 2021 / 17:49 pm

The Diocese of Venado Tuerto’s Caritas branch apologized Tuesday for having posted on its social media a prayer to Pachamama, an Andean deity.

Ecuadorian priest awarded by city for feeding hundreds of the needy daily

Jul 28, 2021 / 18:19 pm

The Mayor's Office of Guayaquil on Sunday awarded Fr. Wilson Malavé Parrales, director of the Lord of Good Hope Soup Kitchen for the Brother in Need, with the Urban Heroes Medal of Merit. 

Archbishop calls for unity at Peruvian bicentennial 

Jul 28, 2021 / 16:01 pm

The Archbishop of Piura on Tuesday encouraged working for unity in Peru and reminded the faithful that neither hatred nor violence are the way to the future, as the nation celebrates its bicentennial.

Colombian bishops: Euthanasia is a danger for the frailest and most vulnerable

Jul 28, 2021 / 11:00 am

The Colombian Bishops’ Conference decried the July 22 ruling of the Constitutional Court that expanded access to euthanasia to non-terminally ill patients. It said this practice not only offends the dignity of persons but is a "serious danger to the frailest and most vulnerable in our society.”

Venezuelan president rejects Vatican letter calling for dialogue 

Jul 23, 2021 / 17:01 pm

Nicolás Maduro, the president of Venezuela, called "garbage," "poison," full of "hatred" and "cynicism" a letter that the Vatican Secretary of State sent to a Venezuelan business leader encouraging dialogue to overcome the crisis in the country.

Bishops urge the faithful to maintain hope amid Colombia protests

Jul 19, 2021 / 15:49 pm

The Colombian bishops have urged the faithful to listen to the voice of Christ and not to let the current crisis the country is going through rob them of hope. 

Anarchy and chaos must never again be the protagonists in Colombia, bishops urge

Jun 28, 2021 / 14:30 pm

The bishops of the Pacific and the southwestern regions of Colombia spoke out about the current situation in the country last week, encouraging reconciliation, justice, responsible initiatives and the rejection of any type of violence.

Church in Venezuela can facilitate talks between government and opposition, says cardinal

Jun 24, 2021 / 16:02 pm

Cardinal Baltazar Porras, archbishop of Mérida and apostolic administrator of Caracas, said that the Church in Venezuela can help facilitate talks between the government of President Nicolás Maduro and the opposition, led by national assemblyman Juan Guaidó, to overcome the serious crisis currently affecting the country.

LGBT activist dances and strips in atrium of Catholic cathedral

Jun 24, 2021 / 15:01 pm

An LGBT activist danced and stripped to scanty underwear in the atrium in front of the cathedral in the town of San Gil, Colombia this week. 

Baja California legislature inserts same-sex marriage into state constitution

Jun 19, 2021 / 06:00 am

The Baja California legislature amended the state constitution Wednesday to include same-sex marriage, which pro-life activists have called a "grave attack against Baja California families."

Mexican bishops ask that election results be respected

Jun 8, 2021 / 15:01 pm

The Mexican bishops’ conference on Monday asked the political forces in the country to respect the results of Sunday’s elections and encouraged the resumption of dialogue to find a common path “beyond partisan differences."

The clear response of a priest to Fr. James Martin for supporting 'gay pride'

Jun 4, 2021 / 13:20 pm

Fr. Nelson Medina, a Dominican priest from Colombia, responded to the June 2 Instagram video posted by Fr. James Martin in which he maintained that a Catholic can celebrate gay pride month in June.