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Catholic and Orthodox Churches in Ukraine consider how to distribute Communion

Mar 13, 2020 / 16:10 pm

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted discussions in Ukraine over whether precautions should be taken related to the reception of Holy Communion, especially as many in the country attend Churches where it is distributed from a common chalice and spoon.

The war in Ukraine: a failure to evangelize?

Feb 24, 2015 / 17:34 pm

Conflict in eastern Ukraine which began in April 2014 has pitted the country's government against separatists widely believed to be backed by Russia, and some are attributing the chaos to a failed evangelization in the country.

The life of minorities in Ukraine, one year after protests began

Nov 21, 2014 / 04:01 am

One year ago, Mustafa Nayyem, a Ukrainian journalist born in Afghanistan,  began Euromaidan from his post on Facebook: "Let us be serious. Who is ready to come to The Independence Square today before midnight? Likes are not considered, only the comment, 'I am ready'.”

Faith in the time of annexation: A tough choice for Crimea's Church

Nov 4, 2014 / 04:01 am

Since Russia's annexation of Crimea in March, religious groups there – aside from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) – are facing persecution, and restrictions on their ministry.

Military chaplains: God in the trenches of Ukraine

Sep 25, 2014 / 03:05 am

Since April, Ukraine’s eastern provinces have experienced continual military confrontation between its government, and pro-Russian separatists and Russian forces, and more than 3,200 have been killed in the conflict.  

New Ukrainian Orthodox head to face questions of independence

Aug 19, 2014 / 03:02 am

The newly elected head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church - Moscow Patriarchate must decide whether that Church can be independent from Russia, Ukraine's eastern neighbor with which it is in conflict, analysts say.

Abducted Catholic priest released in Ukraine amid unrest

May 30, 2014 / 11:32 am

In the midst of ongoing fighting in eastern Ukraine, a Roman Catholic priest from Poland who was kidnapped May 27 by separatists in the city of Donetsk has been released.

Ukrainian Catholics experiencing 'total persecution' in Crimea

Mar 18, 2014 / 15:10 pm

As the Russian president signed a bill to annex Crimea Tuesday, the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in the peninsula has been experiencing what a Church official calls “total persecution.”

Ukrainian Catholic Church sees growth in south of country

Feb 27, 2014 / 12:21 pm

A new diocese of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church has been established in southern Ukraine, following a decision to divide the former Archiepiscopal Exarchate of Odesa-Krym in two.