Madeleine Teahan

Madeleine Teahan

Madeleine is the former associate editor of the Catholic Herald. She has contributed to Sky News, BBC News, Woman’s Hour, Beyond Belief and many other programmes. She is also a regular Pause For Thought contributor on BBC Radio 2.

Articles by Madeleine Teahan

UK social media arrest: One minute Catholic mom was roasting chicken, the next she was off to jail

Oct 13, 2022 / 09:07 am

Caroline Farrow says “gender-critical” Catholics have become “soft targets” for LGBTQ crackdowns in the U.K.

UK doctor investigated for praying with patients calls on Christians to ‘stand up and fight’

Sep 30, 2022 / 10:00 am

A Christian doctor has appealed to Christians in professional life to “stand up and fight” after he faced investigation for offering his patients “spiritual care.”

Scotland should be ‘caring for people, not killing them,’ Catholic Church urges

Sep 14, 2022 / 15:58 pm

The Catholic Church in Scotland has spoken out about the dangers of current proposals to legalize assisted suicide for terminally-ill people.

The story behind London’s new Shrine to Mary, Mother of Persecuted Christians

Sep 8, 2022 / 03:14 am

What may well be the first shrine in Europe dedicated to persecuted Christians will be blessed today in central London, UK.

New UK Health chief, a practicing Catholic, under fire for pro-life views

Sep 7, 2022 / 09:02 am

A Catholic Member of Parliament who was appointed yesterday to the role of Health Secretary in the UK has come under fire for her pro-life views. 

The Muslim, the Catholic cardinal, and the church in Bosnia that could help heal deep divisions

Aug 30, 2022 / 03:34 am

A prominent Bosnian cardinal has said that “forgiveness can be achieved” following the consecration of a Catholic church in the town of Bugojno in central Bosnia.

Germany denies refuge to Christian convert from Iran

Aug 12, 2022 / 04:05 am

The European Court of Human Rights has dismissed the case of an Iranian convert to Christianity, who is appealing his deportation from Germany back to Iran, on the grounds of religious freedom. 

Pro-lifers react with dismay to news that Irish government plans to fine for praying near abortion clinic

Aug 9, 2022 / 09:51 am

Pro-life campaigners and advocates for religious freedom in Ireland have expressed dismay following the news that the Irish Government intends to introduce fines and prison sentences for people who pray, hold signs, or try to persuade women not to have abortions while they are within the vicinity of an abortion clinic.

English grandmother arrested for praying near abortion clinic wins religious freedom challenge

Jul 20, 2022 / 01:11 am

A 76-year-old English grandmother who was fined for praying near to an abortion clinic has successfully overturned her financial penalty, but human rights campaigners still fear that the initial fine represents “a worrying trend in law enforcement” regarding certain beliefs.

Why the heritage listing of this 'radical' English cathedral might signal a change in attitude

Jul 14, 2022 / 02:11 am

The first classical cathedral to be built in England since St. Paul’s Cathedral has achieved a coveted recognition that shows a changing attittude to "serious classical architecture", according to its architect.