Charlotte Evans

Charlotte Evans

Charlotte Evans is a writer and copy editor based in Birmingham, U.K., where she is studying for a PhD in English Literature.

Articles by Charlotte Evans

Woman arrested while praying silently outside abortion clinic charged with ‘intimidation’

Dec 30, 2022 / 08:04 am

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce is accused of “protesting and engaging in an act that is intimidating to service users.”

Woman arrested by English police for silent prayer near abortion facility

Dec 21, 2022 / 07:20 am

As part of her bail conditions, restrictions have been placed on her participating in public prayer.

Iraqi Christians face uncertain future after eviction from ‘Virgin Mary compound’ in Baghdad

Oct 19, 2022 / 09:10 am

The Chaldean patriarch and an auxiliary bishop of Baghdad recently visited the Baghdad compound in an effort to find alternative shelter for families.

Supporters of statue of St. Michael the Archangel in small French town vow to fight removal order

Sep 29, 2022 / 01:30 am

After a French court confirmed the removal of a statue of St. Michael from a seaside town, supporters have vowed to continue their fight.

‘Service in life, hope in death’: archbishop of Canterbury preaches at queen’s funeral

Sep 19, 2022 / 09:19 am

In his sermon at the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II today, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby praised the Christian faith and example of the late monarch.

Bishops from across the Commonwealth of Nations pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

Sep 9, 2022 / 16:00 pm

Catholic officials from Commonwealth countries around the world have expressed their sorrow and offered their prayers in response to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Ukrainian refugees say they 'found new family' with friars in Slovakia

Sep 1, 2022 / 06:45 am

Ukrainian refugees in Slovakia have spoken about their sorrow at the ongoing conflict in their country and voiced gratitude for support from around the world.

Newly elected Chinese Church leaders allied with government vow to proceed with sinicization

Aug 24, 2022 / 02:21 am

Chinese bishops allied with the government have promised to proceed with the “sinicization” of Catholicism in China.

Sri Lankan priest involved in protests granted bail

Aug 17, 2022 / 04:04 am

A priest involved in the recent protests in Sri Lanka has been granted bail after being accused of several criminal offenses.

Young Catholics in Ireland say their voices have not been heard during synodal process

Aug 10, 2022 / 01:54 am

A group of 500 young Catholics in Ireland have signed a letter saying they love the Church’s teaching, but that their voices had not been heard in the process leading up to the Synod on Synodality in Rome.

Anglicans recognize Pope as ‘father of the Church in the West,’ says archbishop of Canterbury

Aug 5, 2022 / 09:26 am

In ecumenical discussions at the Lambeth Conference in Canterbury, England, Justin Welby, archbishop of Canterbury, has said that most Anglicans recognize the pope as “the father of the Church in the West.”

Parents of Archie Battersbee lose appeal: 12-year-old can be removed from life support, judges rule

Jul 26, 2022 / 09:21 am

The parents of 12-year-old Archie Battersbee have lost an appeal against a decision to remove their son from life support.