Almudena Martínez-Bordiú

Almudena Martínez-Bordiú

Almudena Martínez-Bordiú is Rome correspondent for ACI Prensa and EWTN.

Articles by Almudena Martínez-Bordiú

Take down his art or not: Who is alleged serial abuser Father Marko Rupnik?

Jul 16, 2024 / 16:50 pm

Father Marko Ivan Rupnik is a former Jesuit priest whose artwork decorates Catholic churches, chapels, and shrines around the world.

Gun found in abandoned suitcase before papal visit to Trieste, Italy

Jul 12, 2024 / 15:10 pm

According to Italian press, less than 24 hours after the pope’s arrival, the police discovered a Czech-made semiautomatic pistol inside a suitcase.

Coach says making sign of the cross before game ‘is not superstition, it’s faith’

Jul 12, 2024 / 06:00 am

“I have faith,” said Luis de la Fuente Castillo, coach of the team that will play in the Euro Cup final on Sunday after having defeated France earlier this week.

Italy’s prime minister proposes aid for women in financial straits who reject abortion

Jul 11, 2024 / 08:00 am

This initiative offers aid of 1,000 euros (about $1,082) for five years to Italian women who decide to continue with their pregnancy despite financial difficulties.

50,000 altar servers headed to Rome for meeting this month

Jul 5, 2024 / 07:00 am

The German Bishops’ Conference stated in a July 2 press release the theme for the 13th pilgrimage is “With You,” an expression taken from the Book of Isaiah.

Why are there no papal audiences during July?

Jul 3, 2024 / 06:00 am

The Vatican usually suspends such audiences on only two occasions: during the month of July and the week when the pontiff carries out his spiritual retreat.

No tattoos or piercings: new rules for Vatican employees

Jul 1, 2024 / 14:50 pm

With the publication of new regulations, Pope Francis has made it clear that employees of the Fabric of St. Peter must not have visible tattoos or piercings.

PHOTOS: Eucharistic procession winds through Vatican streets in honor of protomartyrs of Rome

Jun 28, 2024 / 17:10 pm

A Mass celebrated on June 27 in the Church of Our Lady of Mercy at the Teutonic Cemetery was offered by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi.

Pope Francis to priests: May the chapel be the most visited room in your houses

Jun 27, 2024 / 16:15 pm

During an audience with Pope Francis on June 27, the priests of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (Dehonians) received devotional counsel from the Holy Father.

Pope Francis emphasizes model of St. Juan Diego for Church in Latin America

Jun 27, 2024 / 15:45 pm

Pope Francis received on June 27 at the Vatican the members and advisers of the Pontifical Commission for Latin America.

Is there a satanic element in rock music? An expert explains

Jun 21, 2024 / 07:00 am

Claudia Caneva warned about the influence that rock music and other subgenres such as heavy metal, death metal, or death rock have on the behavior of youth.

Pope Francis to Lutherans: ‘Jesus Christ is the heart of ecumenism’

Jun 20, 2024 / 17:15 pm

In his talk given during the audience in the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican, the Holy Father called this encounter “an important gesture of ecumenical fraternity.”

Armenian Church leader, Pope Francis meet at Vatican

Jun 12, 2024 / 16:30 pm

For the first time in 10 years, Pope Francis met Wednesday with His Holiness Aram I, the leader of the Armenian Church of Cilicia.

Vatican: Pope Francis speaks again about the admission of homosexuals to seminaries

Jun 11, 2024 / 19:15 pm

The Vatican Press Office reported that during a closed-door meeting, the pope again discussed the admission of men “with homosexual tendencies to seminaries.”

Italian pro-life association suffers spate of attacks against its headquarters

Jun 10, 2024 / 16:30 pm

The Rome-based pro-life organization Pro Vita & Famiglia has been the target of multiple acts of vandalism.

Bishop exhorts Catholics to ‘build a better Europe’ in EU elections on Sunday

Jun 7, 2024 / 14:45 pm

In his exhortation, Bishop Mariano Crociata called on voters to exercise their obligation as citizens “responsibly, choosing candidates and parties.”

Pope Francis hails ‘immense gift’ of vocation to the consecrated life

May 30, 2024 / 16:30 pm

Pope Francis on Thursday addressed a message to participants in a conference on consecrated religious life currently taking place in Brazil.

Pope Francis: The Eucharist is God’s response to the deepest hunger of the heart

May 30, 2024 / 15:45 pm

The Holy Father will offer Mass and lead the traditional Eucharistic procession from St. John Lateran Basilica to St. Mary Major Basilica this Sunday, June 2.

Meet the modern-day ‘devil’s advocate’ in the process of canonization

May 26, 2024 / 07:00 am

Monsignor Alberto Royo Mejía is the promoter of the faith in the Dicastery for the Causes of Saints.

International conference on youth ministry wrapping up in Rome

May 24, 2024 / 14:56 pm

Nearly 300 delegates hailing from bishops’ conferences in 110 countries are meeting in Rome to participate in the International Youth Ministry Conference.