Estefanía Aguirre

Estefanía Aguirre

Estefanía Aguirre is an experienced journalist who has lived in several countries and speaks five languages. She holds a Master's degree in international journalism from Falmouth University.

Articles by Estefanía Aguirre

New Spanish law threatens future of world’s largest cross and its employees

Nov 29, 2022 / 07:05 am

One employee says she fears losing her lifelong job at the world’s largest cross locality after the government of Spain passed the law in October.

Why the world’s largest cross and its custodians are under imminent threat in Spain

Aug 12, 2022 / 01:32 am

In a move that could destroy the largest cross in the world, Spain’s government wants to turn the world’s longest basilica into a “museum of the horrors of Franco.”