Matt McDonald

Matt McDonald

Matt McDonald is a staff reporter for the National Catholic Register and the editor of the New Boston Post.

Articles by Matt McDonald

Chiefs’ Harrison Butker chides Catholic leaders in Benedictine College commencement address 

May 14, 2024 / 11:38 am

Catholic bishops should be more like St. Damien of Molokai and less concerned about what civil and cultural leaders think about them, Butker said. 

New bishop ordained in Portland, Maine: A Franciscan shepherd for the people

May 10, 2024 / 14:30 pm

Bishop James Ruggieri, 56, is known for driving a food truck to homeless people when he was a pastor in Providence, Rhode Island.

Kansas Legislature enacts four pro-life bills over governor’s vetoes 

May 1, 2024 / 05:30 am

Supporters put together the necessary two-thirds majorities to override the vetoes of Gov. Laura Kelly, a Democrat who supports legal abortion. 

Chaplains in public schools? Florida’s Catholic bishops ‘pleased’ by new law

Apr 30, 2024 / 17:45 pm

Florida’s bishops are welcoming a new law that allows public schools in the state to have volunteer chaplains.

Armed New York resident arrested in St. Peter’s in Rome was on ‘Most Wanted’ list

Apr 30, 2024 / 16:03 pm

Moises Tejada, 54, is on the Most Wanted Fugitives list of the New York State Department of Corrections and Community Supervision. 

Catholic Answers pulls plug on AI priest ‘Father Justin’

Apr 29, 2024 / 13:30 pm

Just days after debuting an AI priest character to overwhelmingly negative reviews, Catholic Answers gave “Father Justin” the virtual heave-ho.

Eucharist, unity, clarity: What attracts converts to the Catholic Church?

Apr 24, 2024 / 07:00 am

Several U.S. dioceses reported 30%, 40%, 50%, and even more than 70% more adult converts who entered the Catholic Church this Easter.

Pro-lifers dismayed at Massachusetts pro-abortion governor’s appearances at Catholic school events

Apr 23, 2024 / 16:45 pm

Pro-lifers are raising a ruckus over two recent appearances at Catholic education events by the pro-abortion governor of Massachusetts.

Cardinal Dolan on St. Patrick’s funeral: ‘We don’t do FBI checks on people who want to be buried’

Feb 21, 2024 / 18:05 pm

Cardinal Timothy Dolan applauded priests at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for deciding not to celebrate Mass when a crowd acted with “irreverence and disrespect.”

UPDATE: Irreverent funeral service at St. Patrick's Cathedral for trans activist sparks outcry

Feb 16, 2024 / 22:15 pm

The Feb. 15 funeral service was held for Cecilia Gentili, a high-profile trans activist and sex-worker advocate.

Catholic volunteer killed on way home from adoration was ‘old soul’

Jan 24, 2024 / 13:00 pm

Ryan Realbuto, 23, was shot and killed in an attempted robbery on Jan. 18 while walking home from a Holy Hour and social event in Washington, D.C.

Trenton Bishop released from Rome hospital after heart attack 

Jan 9, 2024 / 17:40 pm

Bishop David O’Connell suffered a heart attack while in Rome where he was preparing to lead a pilgrimage of 20 priests and two lay diocesan staff members. 

Kansas bishop to walk 19 miles in pilgrimage for peace 

Jan 5, 2024 / 17:50 pm

Bishop Gerald Vincke, 59, who leads the Diocese of Salina, is planning to walk from St. Mary’s Church in Glasco to St. John the Baptist in Beloit. 

Trenton bishop suffers heart attack in Rome 

Jan 5, 2024 / 13:05 pm

Bishop David O’Connell, 68, was in Italy to lead a pilgrimage of 20 priests and two members of the diocese’s staff to holy sites in Rome and Assisi.

Christmas 2023: Unusual back-to-back Mass schedule could hurt parishes’ collections this year

Dec 22, 2023 / 16:44 pm

The worry is that some parishioners will fulfill their Sunday or Christmas Day obligation but not both.

Irish priest calls musician Shane MacGowan’s raucous funeral Mass ‘a scandal’ 

Dec 14, 2023 / 16:00 pm

The Mass included a live performance of “Fairy Tale of New York” and other nonreligious songs composed by the late singer-songwriter.

Local bishops: Steubenville-Columbus diocesan merger back in play

Dec 13, 2023 / 17:25 pm

The bishops who lead the dioceses of Columbus and Steubenville in Ohio could present a merger plan to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops next year. 

Bishop Strickland was advised to leave Tyler Diocese but can still say Mass there

Dec 8, 2023 / 10:17 am

“I have received no such instruction,” Strickland said by text Thursday night, responding to a report that he has been barred from saying Mass in the diocese.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, a swing vote on abortion, dies   

Dec 1, 2023 / 17:40 pm

President Ronald Reagan nominated O’Connor to the U.S. Supreme Court in July 1981, fulfilling a campaign promise to name the first woman to the nation’s highest court. 

Hard-living Irish musician Shane MacGowan received last rites before he died, family says 

Dec 1, 2023 / 14:15 pm

MacGowan was raised a Catholic and often used Catholic imagery in his songs, though he did not practice the faith for most of his adult life.