Matthew Santucci

Matthew Santucci

Matthew Santucci is a CNA Rome correspondent based in EWTN's Vatican bureau. He grew up in Connecticut and has been living in Rome since 2020. He has a B.A. in History from Fordham and an M.A. in International Relations from Luiss Guido Carli.

Articles by Matthew Santucci

Pope Francis opens new catechetical cycle on Holy Spirit’s role in salvation

May 29, 2024 / 09:22 am

Titled “The Spirit and the Bride: The Holy Spirit Guides God’s People Toward Jesus Our Hope,” the new cycle will unfold across three main themes.

Vatican apologizes after pope’s derogatory remark on gay men in Catholic seminaries

May 28, 2024 / 12:35 pm

Spokesman Matteo Bruni told journalists that the pope “never intended to offend or express himself in homophobic terms, and he apologizes ...”

Pope Francis meets with 50,000 for World Children’s Day in Rome’s Olympic Stadium

May 25, 2024 / 14:05 pm

“In you, children, everything speaks of life and the future. The Church, as a mother, welcomes you and accompanies you with tenderness and hope,” the pope said.

Carbon dating reveals true age of purported tunics of St. Peter and St. John

May 25, 2024 / 13:30 pm

A conference titled “The Tunics of St. Peter and St. John, Two Extraordinary Relics of the Sancta Sanctorum,” presented a historic overview of the two relics.

Pope Francis paves the way for the canonization of new saints with zeal for mission work

May 24, 2024 / 09:41 am

The Holy See said Pope Francis “has decided to convene a consistory, which will also concern the canonization” of four Blesseds.

Pope Francis: Humility ‘is the source of peace in the world and in the Church’

May 22, 2024 / 09:03 am

“Humility is everything. It is what saves us from the evil one,” the pope said.

Pope Francis’ pastoral visit to Verona emphasizes call to be peacemakers  

May 18, 2024 / 09:40 am

The pope’s one-day visit to the northern Italian city of Verona on Saturday centered on a message of peace.

Fernández: Vatican’s new apparitions guidelines stress ‘caution’ in discernment process

May 17, 2024 / 11:03 am

“The Church has stated that the faithful are never forced to believe in this phenomenon. They are never obliged. There’s no obligation,” Fernández said.

New norms give Vatican greater say on alleged apparitions

May 17, 2024 / 06:53 am

The Vatican’s doctrinal office is centralizing its authority over the investigation of alleged Marian apparitions and other religious phenomena under new norms.

Cardinal Pizzaballa visits Gaza in show of support, solidarity with ‘suffering population’

May 16, 2024 / 13:48 pm

Pizzaballa “entered Gaza and reached the Parish of the Holy Family for a pastoral visit,” said a press release issued by the patriarchate on Thursday.

It’s been 100 years since the Catholic Church’s first Council in China

May 15, 2024 / 16:17 pm

The council had a dual purpose: to initiate the process of ecclesial inculturation and to decouple the missions from the colonial project.

Pope Francis at general audience: ‘Love is charity’

May 15, 2024 / 09:10 am

Pointing to the Sermon on the Mount and repeating twice “love your enemy,” the pope noted that this teaching “embraces what is not lovable; it offers forgiveness.”

Israeli embassy blasts Yemeni laureate for ‘genocide’ comments at Vatican event

May 14, 2024 / 12:12 pm

“The world is silent in front of the genocide and the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people in Gaza,” Tawakkol Karman said on Saturday at the Vatican.

International summit on climate change to bring California, New York governors to the Vatican

May 11, 2024 / 12:38 pm

The joint summit “From Climate Crisis To Climate Resilience,” will be held at the Vatican from May 15–17 at the Casina Pio IV.

Pope Francis on record-low fertility rate: ‘Human life is not a problem, it is a gift’

May 10, 2024 / 10:00 am

“The problem of our world is not the children that are born — it is selfishness, consumerism, and individualism, which make people full, lonely and unhappy.”

Vatican prepares for summer Olympics with conference on faith and sports

May 8, 2024 / 11:52 am

The three-day international conference on sport and spirituality is titled “Putting Our Lives on the Line.”

Pope Francis: Hope ‘is a gift that comes directly from God’

May 8, 2024 / 09:13 am

“Christians have hope not through their own merit. If they believe in the future, it is because Christ died and rose again and gave us his Spirit,” the pope said.

Pope Francis appoints new bishop to Diocese of Knoxville

May 7, 2024 / 11:50 am

The Holy See Press Office announced that Father James Mark Beckman, 61, will be installed as the new bishop of the diocese. The installation will occur in July.

An afternoon with the new Swiss Guards: Preparing for a mission of faith and service 

May 5, 2024 / 17:00 pm

When the newest Swiss Guards are sworn in May 6, they will pledge to “faithfully, loyally, and honorably” serve the Supreme Pontiff and his successors.

Cardinal Pizzaballa: Peace in Holy Land built on dialogue, action

May 3, 2024 / 12:21 pm

“Peace needs the testimony of clear and strong gestures on the part of all believers, but it also needs to be announced and defended by equally clear words.”