Kristina Millare

Kristina Millare

Kristina Millare is a freelance journalist with a professional communications background in the humanitarian aid and development sector, news journalism, entertainment marketing, politics and government, business and entrepreneurship.

Articles by Kristina Millare

Here’s how the city of Rome is preparing for the 2025 Jubilee Year

May 18, 2024 / 06:00 am

Approximately 358 planned projects in the Lazio region, where Rome is located, are underway in preparation for the 2025 Jubilee Year.

Children and youth to play central role in Pope Francis visit to Papua New Guinea

May 8, 2024 / 06:00 am

“Everything is ‘young’ in PNG: church, country, modern civilization,” said Father Giorgio Licini, an organizer of the pope’s upcoming trip to the Asia Pacific.

Pope Francis: We need to ‘welcome God into our daily lives’ and pray for ‘real peace’

May 1, 2024 / 09:45 am

On Wednesday, Pope Francis addressed an international audience in the Paul VI Hall and reiterated the importance of faith in the Christian life.

Italy set to pass amendment allowing pro-life groups into family planning clinics 

Apr 22, 2024 / 14:15 pm

The provision attached to a health care system law would allow pro-life groups to offer women alternatives to abortion.

Cardinal Goh of Singapore hopes Pope Francis’ visit will ‘spur a renewal’ in the country

Apr 17, 2024 / 06:00 am

Cardinal William Goh expressed his hope that the Holy Father’s visit to the city-nation from Sept. 11–13 “will bring renewed fervor to all Catholics in Singapore.” 

Pope Francis’ Indonesia visit to ‘strengthen message of tolerance, unity, and world peace’

Apr 15, 2024 / 15:15 pm

The Indonesian government has confirmed the country will be the first destination in the 87-year-old pontiff’s apostolic journey to the Asia Pacific region Sept. 2–13.

Church in Kyrgyzstan: a ‘blossoming bud’ growing in the peripheries of the world

Apr 8, 2024 / 07:00 am

The Apostolic Administration of Kyrgyzstan convened a two-day meeting April 2-3 in the capital of Bishkek to pray and discuss the work of the local Church.