Dr. Timothy P. Flanigan

Dr. Timothy P. Flanigan

Timothy P. Flanigan, M.D. is professor of medicine and director, Division of Infectious Diseases at Brown Medical School. He has been recognized by the HIV Medicine Association for his advocacy work in providing care for HIV infected prisoners. He has also been honored with the Robert Wood Johnson Community Health Leadership Award for spearheading HIV care programs in underserved communities.

Articles by Dr. Timothy P. Flanigan

The Catholic Church and HIV and AIDS

Apr 21, 2009 / 00:00 am

The world has been living with the AIDS epidemic for more than 25 years and it has caused untold suffering. The scope of the AIDS epidemic is greater than the bubonic plague. Its destructive impact is particularly painful on families. In Africa it is known as "the grandmother’s disease," because it kills mothers and fathers in the prime of their life when they are at the center of providing care for their family both in terms of financial productivity and tender loving care. The burden of taking care of children then falls on the grandmothers. Although extraordinary progress has been made in the treatment of HIV the progress in prevention has been much slower.