Following three successful short films, the clever claymation comedy duo Wallace and Gromit have ventured into feature-length territory. Despite the challenges of bringing this British phenomenon to the big screen, filmmakers Steve Box and Nick Park have created a movie that should please loyal fans and invite newcomers to the series as well.

Wallace, a creative but absent-minded inventor, and his dog Gromit, the glue that holds their whole operation together, run an humane pest control business to rid the neighborhood of a rabbit infestation just before the anticipated annual Giant Vegetable Competition. Their business, Anti-Pesto, runs into some difficulty when a monstrous rabbit wreaks havoc on the citizens' beloved vegetables.

The clever parody of the horror genre is just one of the ways this film had me almost in tears with its sight gags, witty dialogue, and subtle word play. A few jokes are of a sexual nature, but the gags are sure to skip over young ears. Overall, I recommend this film for all ages purely for its comedic and entertainment value; it might not change your life, but you are sure to crack a smile.