The Da Vinci Code Part 2: The Da Vinci Opportunity

…Continued from Part 1

Part 1 of this article explained the danger that lies within Dan Brown’s best-selling book and recently released movie, The Da Vinci Code.  Part 2 will give Catholics some ideas on how to react positively to the situation that has arisen.

First of all, faithful Catholics must decide if they are going to buy the book and see the movie.  While some have argued that this is the best way to understand the proposals made by Dan Brown and to dispute them, Catholics should be wary of sending the wrong message to Hollywood.  The harsh criticism that the movie has received from many religious figures has been contradicted by long lines at the theater.  In this case, actions clearly speak louder than words.  The high turnouts to see the movie are telling Hollywood that anyone who chooses to write a controversial book or produce a heretical movie will be rewarded at the box office.  This is certainly not the message we want to be sending to our entertainers.  Imagine for a moment what would happen if The Da Vinci Code had received a less encouraging welcome at the box office.  Dan Brown, along with everyone else involved in the publication of the book and making of the movie, would have seen that their attacks on Christianity were not welcome, and this would have discouraged others from following in their footsteps.  

Those who do choose to see the movie should be prepared to give it serious thought and discussion.  Many Church leaders have called on Catholics to take the controversy surrounding The Da Vinci Code and turn it into an opportunity to spread and deepen their faith.  In the countless discussions that are inevitably occurring with the release of the movie, Catholics have a chance to share their faith with others and explain to non-Catholics (and maybe even other Catholics) what the Church truly teaches.  

Of course, this would require that Catholics be informed about their faith.  That is the true opportunity that The Da Vinci Code is providing for Catholics: a chance to become better educated about their own faith.  The controversy sparked by the book and the movie has prompted numerous attempts to teach the truth about the Catholic faith.  Many books and pamphlets have been published, as well as lectures and discussions being held throughout the country and across the world to inform the public of the truth.  Serious Catholics should take advantage of these opportunities to learn more about their faith, particularly Church doctrine and history.  However, such learning is not limited to issues dealt with in The Da Vinci Code.  Rather, we can always learn more about all aspects of our faith.  One of the most beautiful things about Catholicism is that there is always more to learn.  We can never exhaust our faith; we can always grow deeper into a relationship with our infinite, loving God.