Book edited by Sara Parvis and Paul Foster

This book is a collection of essays by scholars from various countries and denominations about St. Justin Martyr who is considered a Church Father and one of the first academics of his time to convert to Christianity. 

St. Justin was born around 100 A.D. in Flavia Neapolis (modern day Nablus) in the occupied West Bank in the Middle East which is under the Palestinian Authority’s rule.  He became a professional philosopher and most likely converted to Christianity in the 130s. 

Only three of his known writings have survived: “First Apology”, “Second Apology”, and “Dialogue with Trypho the Jew”.  Some of his other works are mentioned in other Church Fathers’ writings like St. Irenaeus’ “Against the Heresies” and St. Eusebius of Caesarea’s “Church History”.
The book is broken up into three parts that discuss his life and martyrdom, his writings, teachings, perspectives and apologetics.  Each section contains essays from authors such as Michael Slusser, Paul Parvis, Susan Wendel, Paul Foster and others.  The book also contains St. Justin’s timeline, his writings, and a map.  

This book is recommended to those interested in the Church Fathers especially St. Justin Martyr and those interested in Christianity and philosophy.