Book ReviewsWhat Mother Teresa Taught Me

Book written by Maryanne Raphael


If you are looking for a quick read of the life of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, this is the book for you.  Author Maryanne Raphael was given permission by Blessed Teresa to write her biography.  Raphael divided this book into two parts: 1) the life of Blessed Teresa and 2) Raphael’s experiences with Blessed Teresa, her order and the other organizations that Blessed Teresa has all over the world.


Raphael covers the life of Blessed Teresa up to 2007 and mentions the book, Mother Teresa: come be my light (2007) about Blessed Teresa’s “dark night of the soul.”  This book was published to come out to celebrate Blessed Teresa’s 10th anniversary of death.


Raphael tells Blessed Teresa’s story in a very “entertaining” narrative that keeps the reader’s attention and provides many facts about Blessed Teresa’s life.  The second part is on a personal level since it involves Raphael’s own life and her connection with Blessed Teresa and her orders and organizations. 


This book is highly recommended to those interested in the life of Blessed Teresa, her orders and organizations.


Maryanne Raphael is the author of Garden of Hope (2006), Wings (2005), Anais Nin (2003), Along Came A Spider (2002), Man Who Loved Funerals (2001), Runaways (2000), Mother Teresa, Called To Love (2000), and co-author of Alexandria (2002).

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