Book Reviews2 The IVP Atlas of Bible History

Atlas by: Paul Lawrence


This is a very colorful atlas of Bible history which includes 100 color maps and 140 color photos, and many drawings.  The atlas is arranged chronologically according to biblical history with special chapters on topics or persons.  Many of these topics discuss writings, architecture, agriculture, warfare, the Romans, and others. 


Most of the maps are physical relief maps which give the geography of the Middle East.  There are 20 site plans for buildings and cities such as the Temple and Jerusalem.  The photos are from the present day area or from items that a particular chapter discusses.  For example, in the chapter on Joseph, the son of Jacob, there are images of Egyptian art and of Egypt.  Each chapter also has a “key” box with Scripture listings that are related to the subject of the chapter.  Throughout the atlas there are special side bars on special topics like the James Ossuary that was in the news in 2002, the chronology of the divided kingdoms, and a chronology of the kings of Israel and Judah. 



Paul Lawrence received his Ph.D. from the University of Liverpool where he studied Akkadian, Hebrew, and New Eastern archeology.  He helped translate with the Turkish Bible Society in Istanbul the Old Testament into modern Turkish and in 2006, he taught at the University of Liverpool. 


This atlas is highly recommended to those interested in Bible studies as a class or on an individual level.

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