Guruge, Anura. Alton, N.H.: Wowhn LLC, February 2010. 301 pages. ISBN 978-0-615-35372-2

This latest book by Anura Guruge demonstrates the author’s growing fascination with all things related to the papacy. This particular work, his second book related to the papacy, speculates about the next papal election, an event which may happen tomorrow or five years from now. It also gives information on how a papal election is conducted.

In the book, Guruge presents the men he views as the top ten possible candidates for the papacy. Of course, this top ten list is prone to change over time. However, the author has also set up a website to help keep the book up to date.

Among the data and statistics presented in the book, Guruge provides a history of who has elected the previous popes. He also examines Pope John Paul II’s rules on how to elect a pope as well as other sets of rules that preceded the current one.

Another section explores the backgrounds of previous popes. It describes which popes were members of religious orders, which ones were Italian, who were of the nobility, and other topics of note.

Guruge has included several black and white illustrations throughout the book as well.

This book will be of interest to scholar and general reader and it is a must for those interested in anything about the Papacy.