CNA Editor's DeskSchism; Father James Martin; The Holy Eucharist; Obscure Bible figures, etc.

Eucharistic Adoration Credit Elisa Pires via JMJ Rio 2013 Flickr CC BY NC SA 20 CNA 5 12 15 Eucharistic Adoration. / Elisa Pires via JMJ Rio 2013/Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0).

On this episode of the podcast, editors Ed Condon and JD Flynn are joined by Father John Paul Mary, chaplain of EWTN, who's visiting the CNA office this week from Alabama. They discuss canon law, Archbishop Chaput's response to Father James Martin, belief in the Real Presence, and much more.

Stick around for a brand new game entitled: "Who Am I in the Bible?"

Listen here:

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