September 24, 2013

The five friends a woman needs

By Cheryl Dickow *

Jesus called us “friend” giving us insight into the importance of friendship.

We know his friends were as varied as we are—and he cherished each in a special and unique way, teaching us to do the same. Although his is our first, most important friendship, our earthly friendships also have special blessings for us.

There are five friendships that every woman needs in her life.

1. A woman needs a friend with whom she can pray. Not just words over a meal but the sort of Holy Spirit prayers that arise from the depths of the heart and soul and make their way straight to heaven.

2. A woman needs a friend with whom she can laugh. Not just an exterior chuckle but the interior laughter that erupts from the belly and releases—even for a brief, passing moment—all the stress and burden that often rests on her world-weary shoulders.

3. A woman needs a friend with whom she can cry. Not just tears that rim the eyes in a sentimental moment but the painful cry that seems to have no end but is now met with the kindness and compassion needed for healing.

4. A woman needs a friend to whom she can expose her weakest, most vulnerable, sinful self and still be loved. Not just the superficial “I’m not perfect” stuff but the real, true self who has been to the edge and back and now needs a friend to help carry the load to the foot of the Cross.

5. A woman needs a friend for whom no judgment exists. None. Not just in offering non-judgmental words to a dilemma but someone who simply could not see her friend through any eyes other than the eyes of Christ because that is where her spirit lives.

Trust your first and truest friend, Christ, for all your earthly friendship needs; and ask to become to others a blessed friend as well.

Cheryl Dickow is a Catholic wife, mother, author and speaker. Cheryl’s newest book is Miriam: Repentance and Redemption in Rome. It is the sequel to her first fiction book Elizabeth: A Holy Land Pilgrimage. Both are available in paperback, Kindle, or Nook format. Her company is Bezalel Books where her goal is to publish great Catholic books for families and classrooms that entertain while uplifting the Catholic faith and is located at To invite Cheryl to speak at your event, write her at [email protected] or phone her at 248.917.3865.

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