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The number of Central American and Mexican migrants crossing the southern border into the United States has slowed to a trickle, but in terms of... (Read more)
Editor-in-Chief JD Flynn joins from Rome for this week's episode of CNA Editor's Desk. He and DC Editor Ed Condon talk about the Amazon synod,... (Read more)
The number of people in prison in the U.S. has grown by a factor of five since the 1970s. An estimated 5 million children have a parent in... (Read more)
Our parish’s fall festival was coming to an end. As I rounded up my little ones, I spotted an acquaintance. Antoinette is almost 95 years old and... (Read more)
The Vatican Gendarmes Corps seized documents, computers, and other electronic equipment in the offices of the Vatican Secretariat of State and... (Read more)
Editor JD Flynn is in Rome this week, and offers his analysis of the Amazonian Synod. Ed Condon joins from Washington to talk about John Henry... (Read more)
During the years 2015-2017, the divorce rate in one Florida county dropped by nearly one-third. This week on the podcast, writer Mary Farrow tells... (Read more)
This week on the podcast, editors Ed Condon and JD Flynn discuss the week’s news, including parish registration, money at Mass, the working... (Read more)
Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman will be canonized October 13. This week on CNA Newsroom, we talk about Newman's life and witness; and the... (Read more)
CNA Editors Ed Condon, JD Flynn, and Carl Bunderson are your hosts for this discussion of the week’s most compelling news. On this episode of CNA... (Read more)