Your Heart, His Home

It started with a terrible crush I had on a drummer. “Alex” was living in Alaska for the summer, spending some time with relatives when we met. He... (Read more)
A few weeks after I had a rather alarming lump removed in a somewhat unexpected surgery that was insanely expensive, even with insurance, I... (Read more)
“Miss K” was an exercise in the incongruous. She couldn’t have weighed much more than a spring robin, but she rode a Harley Davidson. I still... (Read more)

Get on your knees, dummy

By Elizabeth Kelly

It was a rather odd little flare-up of multiple sclerosis. I’d gradually gone numb from my lower back, down the back of my legs, and across the... (Read more)
My house is a spectacular mess. I keep waiting for someone from the government to show up in a Hazmat suit and give me a citation for violations... (Read more)
When the good folks who organize perpetual adoration are trying to recruit adorers – a formidable and honorable task to be sure, one I certainly... (Read more)

Make some desert in your Advent

By Elizabeth Kelly

It was just one of those days. I found myself sitting at my desk, overwhelmed with work and deadlines and decisions to be made, deep concerns over... (Read more)

My gentle man, my good master

By Elizabeth Kelly

Make no mistake, my husband is a man’s man. For his “bachelor party” my siblings gave him a day at a recreational facility called “Drive-A-Tank,”... (Read more)

Making peace with “sister”

By Elizabeth Kelly

You know you’ve crossed some mystical threshold in aging or illness the moment that water aerobics begins to look, well . . . appealing. I... (Read more)

Mercy works

By Elizabeth Kelly

When we met, Tammy had yet to reach her twenty-fifth birthday. It was her second stint in prison, this time on a charge of armed robbery. At home,... (Read more)