100,000 children write letters to Supreme Court opposing legalization of abortion in Colombia


Several pro-life groups in Colombia have launched a campaign to collect 100,000 letters from children in Medellin calling on the country’s Supreme Court to refuse to legalize abortion.

Leaders of the effort are hoping pastors, school principals, families and other religious groups and institutions will encourage children to “write to the Supreme Court asking the justices, as a gift to Colombia, to protect life and to not approve the grave crime of abortion.”

Adults are encouraged to help children write the letter in their own words.  Children are also being encouraged to include a drawing with their letter.  They should sign the letters in their own handwriting, indicating their full name, address and municipality.

Children have until February 20 to write their letters, which will be collected by campaign leaders at schools, offices, and parishes of the Archdiocese of Medellin.