Pro-abortion totalitarianism hovers over Argentina like a “sinister threat,” archbishop warns

Archbishop Hector Aguer of La Plata has denounced the actions of various federal and local officials, including Argentina’s Minister of Justice and the Supreme Court, for conspiring to allow a handicapped girl who became pregnant through rape to have an abortion, and he warned that “the totalitarianism of the pro-abortionists hovers over Argentina like a sinister threat.  Like the shadow of Herod.”

Archbishop Aguer expressed regret over the Supreme Court’s authorization of this “abominable crime.”  “Will we have to become accustomed to justice being violated by those charged with administering it, ignoring the fundamental rights that are protected by the constitution?” the archbishop asked.  He contrasted the court’s decision with that of the doctors at the Parana Hospital who refused “to take an innocent life for reasons of conscience.”

In an article entitled, “The Shadow of Herod,” Archbishop Aguer criticized Argentina’s Minister of Health for “adding a new item to his resume as promoter of the culture of death,” by sending the young girl to a state hospital for the abortion.  “Under ‘legal’ cover, and through official means, the right to be born of a child who was only a few months in the womb was deprived,” he said.

Archbishop Aguer also pointed out the “gross error” of the governor of the Buenos Aires province who has backed the doctors that performed the abortion, arguing that “each one has the right to have his own religious belief, but not to force others to act in accord with his religion.”  “This is not about religious beliefs” the archbishop responded, “but rather about certainties furnished by biology, genetics, embryology and law!” 

He noted that confusion and “ideological prejudice” prevent many people from seeing that the right to life is a truth that is merely rational, natural and scientific, and not religious.  He pointed to the case of a prominent journalist who reported on the “unending legal Calvary” that the young handicapped girl had to endure until the Supreme Court authorized her abortion.

“Calvary is what the child endured, and not a legal but a bloody and deadly one!” the archbishop exclaimed.

Archbishop Aguer went on to note the intolerance that is inherent in the pro-abortion ideology, especially in political life, pointing to the example of some lawmakers who want to file legal action against officials who supported the child’s right to life.

“Nobody talks about the child.  Of course, we haven’t seen his face; there was no time to call him by his name,” the archbishop said.  “But what is certain is that he was alive, and they killed him,” he stated.

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