Connecticut bishops urged to reverse Plan B decision

The Catholic Media Coalition (CMC) has urged the Catholic Bishops of Connecticut to withdraw their decision approving the administration of the potentially abortifacient "Plan B" drug to rape victims at Catholic hospitals in the state.

CMC president Mary Ann Kreitzer wrote a letter to the Connecticut bishops arguing that Plan B and other abortifacient drugs render the womb hostile to newly conceived life and are therefore immoral. 

Connecticut law has recently begun to require hospitals to supply such treatment to rape victims.  It has also forbidden any ovulation tests, which had been used previously to ensure that newly fertilized embryos wouldn’t be endangered by the treatment.

The Connecticut bishops claimed the administration of Plan B was acceptable in the cases where Connecticut law mandated its use because of doubt about the precise effects of the drug.  "Administration of Plan B pills in this instance cannot be judged to be the commission of an abortion," they wrote.

Ms. Kreitzer denied that there is in fact doubt about the effects of Plan B:  "Not only does the manufacturer of the Plan B regimen admit that one of the drug's modes of action is to prevent implantation of a developing baby, but the FDA states it as well."


She expanded her position in a commentary accompanying the letter's release:

"Rape is a horrible crime.  Women need help and support at such a time. But the fact that the woman is the victim of a violent act cannot justify her committing a violent act against her innocent unborn child. It's a grave scandal to have Catholic bishops approve the use of this abortion drug. Their capitulation encourages further coercion by the government against the Church. No less than our First Amendment freedom of religion is at stake."

The Catholic Media Coalition is asking concerned Catholics to pray for and to contact the four Catholic bishops of Connecticut.  Its website is at

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