Late Pope John Paul II makes a fiery appearance in Poland?

fierypope Photo | Daily Mail UK

An interesting photograph emerged on the Vatican’s television station on Monday. The picture claims to show the shape of Pope John Paul II in the flames of a bonfire built at a memorial service on the occasion of the second anniversary of his death.

The service was held near the late Pope's birthplace in Poland this past April, two years to the day after John Paul died. The memorial event took place at Beskid Zywiecki - near the Holy Father's birthplace in Wadowice, southern Poland.

Hundreds attended the ceremony and photographer Gregorz Lukasik captured the image on his camera.

The photo appears to show the pontiff with his right hand raised in a blessing of those present.

Pictures from the event were sent to Vatican News Service director Father Jarek Cielecki, a Polish priest and close friend of the late Pope, by the photographer. Upon making their debut yesterday, the pictures were broadcast continuously on Italian TV.

Mr. Lukasik said: "I showed the pictures to my brother and sister and they, like me, were convinced that the flames had formed the image of Pope John Paul II.

"I was so happy with the picture, I showed it to our local bishop who said that Pope John Paul had made many pilgrimages during his life and he was still making them in death."

Father Cielecki commented on the picture: "You can see the image of a person in the flames and I think it is the Servant of God, Pope John Paul II."

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