The Cardinal said the police investigation “is looking into the background information it has obtained concerning the several year-long operation of a pedophile ring, which has caused grave harm to children who live in poverty and abandonment.”
“This grave transgression is a source of great pain and ‘is rightly considered a crime by society and an appalling sin in the eyes of God,’” he added, citing the words of Pope John Paul II.
According to the Cardinal, this dreadful phenomenon is a result of “contempt for the personal dignity of those who are most week and helpless, the power of money which corrupts minors, sexual and emotional disorder in adults, and the desperation of a child who is unloved and rejected in his home.”
“Our country has shown its ability to react strongly to signs of ethical corruption such as these.  Therefore, I would like to express the complete support of the Church in Santiago to those involved in this investigation, so that the facts are uncovered and justice will be done,” the Cardinal said in his statement. 
“We entrust this investigation to God, who is just and merciful.  We pray for the gifts of strength, truth, justice and prudence for all.  And let us fervently ask the Lord to comfort with his love those who have been victims of abuse, and to help us build our society upon the values of the Gospel,” he concluded.