UCLA student paper exposes more racism at Planned Parenthood

The Advocate, a student newspaper at UCLA that ran an investigation about Planned Parenthood’s acceptance of racially-motivated donations, has released another video from its series of investigations into the organization’s fundraising practices.

In February, the Advocate released the recording of a call to an Idaho Planned Parenthood Director of Development in which the caller pretended to be a racist donor who wanted to reduce the number of black people.  The Planned Parenthood employee said she was “excited” to take the donation.

"This new video demonstrates a disturbing trend of racism at Planned Parenthood," said Lila Rose, editor of The Advocate. "Planned Parenthood has no shame in accepting donations to purposely abort minority populations. People have forgotten the organization was founded on these principles and has continued to operate under these same racist views for decades."

The video features James O’Keefe, a law student posing as a racist donor, who contacted Irene Gray of Planned Parenthood in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

O’Keefe told Gray he wanted to make a donation to abort a black baby.  He pretended to rant about affirmative action and how the black population needed to shrink because they compete with whites for admission to schools.

"Yes, yes, it's a strange time for sure,” Gray replied to O’Keefe.

The Advocate also investigated other state Planned Parenthood organizations. 

In a call to an Oklahoma-based Planned Parenthood, a staffer from Tulsa named Susan Riggs was asked if the organization accepted specific donations to abort black babies.  Riggs replied, "We can definitely designate it for an African-American.”

Lila Rose commented on the call, saying, “Clearly, Planned Parenthood has absolutely no shame in using funds to target and abort black children from racist donors. It's a jolting reminder that abortion is a big business, regardless of what the politicians and the special interest groups say.” 

Rose said that Congress should investigate the organization, which she says receives over $300 million in federal funding.

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