Leading Catholic entrepreneur pens book on how people should relate to money

Many in our society view money as a “necessary evil.”  Instead, entrepreneur and author, Frank Hanna explains, “money is a gift from God that is frequently abused because of our lack of understanding of its proper use.” Based on ancient teachings and his own personal experiences, Hanna clearly lays out the meaning of money in his new book, “What Your Money Means and How to Use It Well.” 

Hanna, CEO of Hanna Capital and co-founder of the Solidarity Foundation, explained to CNA that he wrote his latest book because though many great thinkers had discussed money in their teachings, he found that there was not “a systematic treatment of the topic for those of us living in the 21st century.” As he explains, his task is to unfold “this historical philosophical thinking” about money, but to make it “current for today’s reader.”

The book focuses on questions we ask ourselves about money: are we spending it as we should?  What does our money mean to us?  How much money is enough?  In his book, Hanna resolves “to figure out – once and for all – just what it means for us to have money, and what we should be doing with it.”

As Hanna studied the questions, he found that others had been pondering them for centuries.  Using this research, along with his personal experiences, he clearly explains how much money is enough, whether it is being spent well, and what having money means.

Instead of lavishly spending the money we’ve been given, Hanna argues that because money is important, “our actions with money should incorporate wisdom, and not just reflexes.”

The Catholic entrepreneur and philanthropist related to CNA that he is afraid that “too many of us are not thoughtful enough in the way we behave with our money.  If we understand our money correctly, it becomes a force for good in our lives, rather than a source of anxiety or downfall.”

While money is often associated with greed, or something people need, Hanna believes that wealth can be so much more, even a personal school of virtue.

Hanna describes money as not only important but good.  “Money allows our modern economy to work more efficiently,” he explained.  However, as with other things, we can develop an unhealthy attachment to it.  “Any unhealthy appetite can hurt us, including an unhealthy appetite for money.  But that does not mean that money is bad, just as food is not bad, even if some people eat too much of it.”

When asked if money is a “necessary evil,” Hanna asserted that it “is not a necessary evil; instead, money is a gift from God that is frequently abused because of our lack of understanding of its proper use.  In this regard, money is like sex, which also is a gift from God that is frequently misused because we don’t always understand its proper role in our lives.”

The easy-to-use layout and superb design of the book have led to critical acclaim from businessmen and Church leaders alike.

Thomas Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza and Ave Maria University highly recommended the book “to everyone who plans to engage in charitable giving – no matter how much money they have to give."

Archbishop of Denver Charles J. Chaput has described the book as full of wisdom and encouragement – “encouragement to use the resources God gives us for a greater purpose and our own deeper happiness, and not be used or owned by them.”

When asked what he hopes his readers learn from the book, Hanna responded that, “I hope that reading this book allows us to understand the role that money ought to play in our lives, and how we ought to act with regard to our money.” Once we understand this, we will all “live happier lives,” he said.

Hanna’s book is available at Amazon.com.  http://www.amazon.com/What-Your-Money-Means-Well/dp/0824525205/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1222123487&sr=8-1

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