National policy plan for women includes legalization of abortion in Brazil

The First National Conference on Policy for Women in Brazil approved this week the legalization of abortion as a part of a set of guidelines for the government’s National Plan for Policies for Women.

The National Plan will be developed by a task force recently created by Brazil’s president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.

The Plan will be presented on November 25, the International Day of the Combating of Violence Against Women, and according to the Special Secretary for Policies for Women, Nilcéa Freire, the recommendations of the conference will be “considered” in the drafting of the document.

Freire explained that the recommendation of the legalization of abortion will be sent to Congress as a proposal that current law on the issue be reviewed.

 “We are saying that abortion is a key point to think about in policies for women,” said Jacira Melo, member of a feminist movement that lobbies for legalized abortion.

According to abortion proponents, the National Plan will also propose a review of legislation that deals with domestic violence against women and the broadening of services available for women who are victims of assault.

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