“Satanic” man who murdered priest in Chile says he did not choose the victim

Rodrigo Orias, the man who murdered Fr. Faustino Gazziero in the Cathedral of Santiago last week, admitted that he traveled to the Chilean capital from the city of Coyaique with the intention of killing a priest or a religious, as part of the Satanic worship he practiced, but he denied having chosen his victim beforehand.

Fr. Nicolas Vial, chaplain of the prison hospital where Orias is being held, said, “What was clear to me, very clear, was that he did not come to murder Father Gazziero.  He came because he felt something, call it something interior, in his heart, a voice, a force, telling him to commit this act, because he has said that he is connected with the Satanic world.”

He added that the young man appeared to be calm and even allowed him to pray with him and bless him.

Orias asked his parents to be calm and to live a normal life in Coyaique, because he is an adult and does not want them to suffer because of his actions.  He is expected to be arraigned on murder charges.

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