Bishops of Mexico defend true marriage

In defense of true marriage and the family, the Mexican bishops' conference has called for more debate on the controversial Mexico City law making homosexual unions equal to marriage.

According to the news agency of the Archdiocese of Mexico City, the bishops’ Secretary General, Bishop Victor Rene Rodriguez, said the prelates have also voiced their support for “every initiative that the Archdiocese of Mexico City is carrying out in relation to this issue, which is the source of much controversy in society and in families.”

“The family institution is responsible for procreation and for ensuring children have the guidance of a father and a mother for their education and development as persons,” he explained.

Solidarity with the Cardinal

Various Mexican bishops also expressed their solidarity with Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera for his defense of family values and the rights of children.

The Archbishop of Guadalajara, Cardinal Juan Sandoval Iniguez, lamented the approval of the law and the possibility of homosexual couples adopting children. “This is simply absurd. It profoundly harms possible adoptees because it totally distorts their capacity to develop their identity,” he warned.

He stressed that the Church respects all persons and their right to live as they choose, but that it is incorrect for laws to invade the confines of a divine institution such as marriage. “There are many ways to form associations, but don’t call it marriage because that invades an area that does not belong to the state,” the cardinal said.

For his part, Archbishop Guadalupe Martin Rabago of Leon said the position of state representatives in Mexico City “is not worthy of support” because they attacked the “healthy anthropology” of Mexican society. Archbishop Alberto Suarez of Morelia added that lawmakers failed to respect proper human anthropology.

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