Lila Rose rebuffs Wis. Planned Parenthood claims of no ID

2 25 2010 Rose Huyk Lilia Rose / Teri Huyck

Controversy continues over an undercover video showing Milwaukee abortion clinic staff agreeing to cover up the statutory rape of a purported 14-year-old. Extended video footage casts doubt on Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin’s claim that no identifying information was provided and so could not be reported.

Lila Rose, leader of the pro-life group Live Action, recently posed as a teenage girl seeking an abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

In the video, Rose can be heard telling the staff member that her boyfriend with whom she allegedly had sexual relations is 31.

“You don't have to say anything,” the clinic worker replied.

After ignoring evidence of statutory rape, the staffer instructed the girl to “just give them the information that they need” and proceeded to confirm that the 31-year-old “boyfriend” would pay for the abortion.

According to Wisconsin state law, sex between an adult and minor under the age of 16 is considered a felony. Health professionals are required to report cases of statutory rape to law enforcement authorities immediately.

On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin CEO Teri Huyck responded to the charge that the organization had failed to report the incident.

"In this particular circumstance, we did not have the name of the young woman,” Huyck claimed. “She did not give it to us. She did not provide any ID. So we were unable to make any report."

On Wednesday she added that the patient would be reported if she gave her name.

"The so-called patient in this case did not provide identifying information. In fact, she refused." Huyck said. "It would've been difficult if not impossible to make any kind of report."

Live Action responded by releasing extended footage featuring a Planned Parenthood counselor named as Sonia.

Sonia coached Rose how to obtain a judicial bypass waiver for an abortion so that her parents would not find out about her supposed relationship with an older man.

"What is your name? So I can call them and tell them you're coming,” the video shows Sonia saying.

Rose gives her name as “Janelle Marion” and reports a birthday of July 27.

Commenting on the footage which contradicts Huyck’s statement, Rose said in a press release:

“Planned Parenthood had the little girl's name and birth date -- more than enough information to make a report. As they have done consistently in the past, Planned Parenthood chose not to report the abuse, and now they are lying to cover up that fact."

"How many other rapes has this single clinic covered up because it was too 'difficult' to make a phone call to the police?” she asked. “The Milwaukee District Attorney and the state Attorney General's office needs to investigate Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin and enforce the laws meant to protect young girls."

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Live Action mailed the full footage from the undercover visit at the Milwaukee clinic to the local district attorney and the Wisconsin Attorney General.

The group claims to have exposed ten cover-ups of alleged statutory rape at abortion clinics. A Live Action video taken at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Birmingham, Alabama led to the discovery of nine legal violations and caused the clinic to be put on probation by the state health department.

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