Bishop Jorge Casaretto of San Isidro, Argentina reminded journalists this week that as communicators, they have “the noble profession of serving society by informing with the truth and building up communion through communication and respect for all.”

In a message to reporters earlier this week, the bishop stressed that the abundance of information that exists today is an affirmation of the right of citizens to be informed and ought to call us to reflect on the quality of that information.

“It seems that today to speak about the quantity of information is somehow opposed to speaking about its quality,” he observed. “Often times the news we get is not about what has happened, but versions of what they say has happened. Even worse, the prognosis of what they believe could happen is passed of as news.”

“There is no doubt that news understood in this way generates confusion, anxiety and fragmentation in society, rather than informing us,” he warned.

Bishop Casaretto added that journalism is a great challenge that must be taken up by serving with truth and respect, with “dialogue being an active part of the process of communication and the confrontation of ideas” in order to achieve the common good.

The bishop encouraged media professionals to assume “this noble commitment of service to society” in an ethical way, as they are “valuable and important part of the process of development and growth” of the country.